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21 Office Wall Art Ideas

Our favorite 21 office wall art ideas to keep the workweek feeling fresh.

1. Little Reminders

Message art featuring inspiring quotes or turns of phrases to remind you of your daily "why" – what keeps you going day in and day out. Hang up a set of three wall decorations with positive sayings; above, an office wall has nothing but good things to say to the focused WFH-er!

2. Smart Art

Small, smart art pieces let you have a bigger gallery and bigger style on a budget. Note here the large frames with small prints – matte layers are used to fill the gaps and make the images pop. Go for white or black mattes for clean, neutral tones.

3. Swimmingly Good

Just keep swimming and you'll reach your goals (and if you need to be reminded of such, take a cue from a school of fish above)! Whether fish, birds or other creature, metal wall decor wakes up any space, especially in pops of bright silver.

4. Love What You Do

With bright bold pieces and every color of the rainbow, loving your work is a cinch. With a bright orange chair (because, why not?) and a bright yellow pouf (for when you need a moment to kick back and relax), a wall mosaic of dazzling colors elevates any mood.

5. Simple Sentiments

Simple colors on canvas leave more to the imagination, sparking ideas and inspiration. Abstract sentiments are easy to style around – and can even mirror certain personalities. (Left-brain thinkers will appreciate the logic of geometric shapes; right-brainers, the beautiful chaos of squiggles and swirls!)

6. Calm Space

When art is relaxed, so is the mind. Create a calm space of earthy tones and soft texture with a fabric tapestry. Large tapestries aren’t just decorative, but conducive to a quieter working environment; hang up heavy layers to block outside sounds and create a more zen-like office sanctuary.

7. Granduer

The possibilities are endless when your home office wall art is of buildings and the grand architecture within them: reflections of humanity's great accomplishments. Hugged by a sleek thin metal frame, the effect is industrial-chic.

8. Still Moments

Slow time down with photographs of nature. Trees, water, celestial bodies turn a home workspace into an open-wide universe. For a personal memento, include photographs you’ve taken – even amateur skill-level photography looks professional with sleek mattes and frames.

9. Boho Tendencies

Travel for work, right from home, with global-inspired wall decor and art. Look for signs of homemade craft, such as the delicately-knotted fabric piece shown here, which offer a glimpse into the kinds of creations one might find at bazaars and flea markets the world over.

10. Vintage Representations

Flashback to when you were a kid (think of the music, the games, the memories) – that's what you'll get with nostalgic office wall art. Try representations of arcades, old-school movie characters and music memorabilia.

11. Full Bloom

The season of flowers and songbirds doesn’t have to end in June; keep it all year with fresh art. The brighter the colors, the more intense the synesthesia: with a bright red rose or purple jasmine, for example, the imagined perfume is almost olfactible!

12. Peace, Love and the Daily Grind

Make a daily WFH schedule a little less monotonous with groovy inspiration on the walls (and in your heart). Peace-sign art, lava lamp colors, flame stitch patterns, aviator sunglasses and flared jeans – all are best served with a side of smooth jams!

13. Ink Spell

Let the power of color cast its spell on you through vibrant patterns on canvas. Blotches and splotches of ink of nothing – and everything – hold new meanings every time you look at them. What better way to add a bit of mystery and mystique to your workday?

14. Career-Minded

Stay true to your passion projects, and let canvas photography of people, places or things associated with your field be the vehicle. When your office setup is in a more public gathering place – such as a living room corner or end of a hallway – this method also acts as a conversation-starter, allowing you to showcase your interests front-and-center for guests to peruse.

15. Play the Field

When it comes to your creativity, you don't limit yourself, so why limit your inspiration gallery? Utilize every inch of wall space to unfold art stories. Start with the space directly above your desk (the space that will catch your gaze the most) and use it to hang your favorite images (the images you love the most). For the remaining side spaces, and to complete the “puzzle,” continue your wall art shopping by focusing more on sizes to match the remaining dimensions (with less focus on favorite subjects).

16. Contingincies

If you prefer, leave the wall directly above your desk blank for simplicity and focus; let the next wall over (still in your line of sight, but not overbearing) carry the inspiration. Here, inspiration comes in large form, large enough to serve as contingent office decor and larger overall living room decor.

17. Texturized

Left white and blank, a wall is blah. With accessories ranging from hanging art to decor, the same wall goes ahhh! Aaahhhnd while you’re hanging up textured accessories, haul in a textured chair to match. Above, the essence of texture-inspired boho style is allowed to surface, thanks to decor and furniture.

18. Living Office

The living room office should contain wall art that works for both purposes – working and relaxing. Find a calm balance with cool colors and abstract subjects. Note how the colors of the wall art call out to both the office segment (white chair and lamp) and living room segment (blue throw pillow and blanket).

19. All-Metal

An all-metal piece is technically more wall decor than wall art, but unusual designs and abstract lines make an artistic aspect hard to ignore. Above, a maze of lines presents a myriad of problems to solve – fodder for the creative thinker!

20. Lean In

Lean wall art on a desk for an up-close and personal effect. (This way also spares your wall of nails or marks and makes it easy to change your scenery with the seasons, styles and moods.) Layer with frames of different sizes to add depth and casual flair.

21. More Color, Please!

Color is good, and in this office, the wall, plants and wall art create goodness all around. Note just how many shades of colors are represented in the art – by our count, there are at least 12, not counting the crisp shades of white in matte and frame!

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