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20 Home Office Gifts for Him

Here are 20 home office gift ideas to make him love his workspace!

1. A New Desk

The foundation for any home office, a sturdy desk that he's happy to pull up a chair to can change the room from quiet productivity into a fun workspace.

2. Rolling Chair

There's a reason every office has rolling chairs, they're simply the best! These quintessential work tools help the long nights be more bearable.

3. Desk Lamps

Let's face it, there's something about sitting down and having just the glow from a single light source shining on some paperwork. Help him recreate that magic with the perfect-sized desk lamp.

4. Floor Lamps

Not everything should be illuminated by screens in the office. A floor lamp that blends in with the room while providing ample light is a huge quality of life upgrade.

5. Area Rugs

Don't let a drab carpet suck the life out of the room; spruce it up with an area rug that complements the space and his tastes.

6. File Cabinets

A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. While some desk drawers have file organizers, nothing can beat the sheer powerhouse of organization that a file cabinet brings to the table.

7. Eye-Catching Globes

Everyone has seen a globe and everyone has the irresistible urge to spin it on sight; take it to the next level with more aesthetically appealing globes that combine form and function!

8. Hourglass Timers

It doesn't matter if they're used as actual timers, hourglasses are some of the most iconic home office pieces that no desk is truly complete without.

9. Lightweight Room Dividers

Especially helpful for multi-purpose rooms, dividers can offer privacy even with foot traffic coming in and out of the main door.

10. Extra Storage Compartments

The approach to more storage can be done with end tables that have drawers or console tables with full cabinets.

11. Wall Decor

Staring at a screen for hours on end can put a strain on anyone. Create a story on the walls using decor pieces that will resonate with him.

12. Wall Art

If he's not into decor on the wall, perhaps a classic painting depicting a scene or location he loves will do the trick.

13. His Favorite Figurines

Boys or girls, action figures or dolls, we all love figurines! They can bring feelings of nostalgia or let us see something in them we see in ourselves all by just sitting on the desk.

14. Planters

Plants liven up any room and planters are the easiest way to have mess-free foliage in the office.

15. Faux Plants

No time for gardening? Faux plants forgo the maintenance while still providing that lively color a home office needs.

16. Bookcases

If you have the space, getting him a bookcase filled with his favorite novels (and lots of filler books) will have him referring to the office as his "study" with a new excitement for the same room.

17. Ottomans

Falling in line with turning an office into a study, ottomans let him kick back when it's time for a break and truly appreciate the perfect home office you've helped him create.

18. Vases

Pottery in general is a great option for gifts, but vases are the most versatile in regards to color, shape and design options.

19. Baskets

Leather-bound or pure wicker, larger storage baskets can be used for blankets while smaller ones are perfect for catching his keys and wallet as he sits down.

20. Decorative Boxes

For all the things that don't belong in the file cabinet and shouldn't be left out, decorative storage boxes are perfect to keep them accessible but out of sight. Wood with visible grains add a rugged feel and a masculine touch – perfect for the carpentry-loving husband, brother or son. Fill with paperclips, pens, pencils, erasers, sticky notes and other working essentials at the time of gifting!

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