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Furniture with USB Ports: Stay ‘Plugged In’ with These Smart Designs

Furniture with USB ports – from USB reclining sofas to office desks – will keep your home style feeling smart and on-point.

Unwind and Re-Charge: Nightstands and Beds with USB Ports

In our age of ‘staying connected,’ there’s perhaps no greater annoyance than waking up to a device that has gone dead – because you forgot to plug it in the night before. What’s more, when you do remember to charge your device before going to sleep, it’s often in a power outlet that’s nowhere near within easy reach of your bed.

Thanks to beds and nightstands with USB ports, morning and evening routines just got a whole lot simpler. Featuring sleek designs and easy-reach accessibility, keeping your device charged and nearby is easier than ever. Plus, with many nightstands also featuring cutouts for cord management, maintaining a tidy bedroom appearance will come naturally, so you can sit back and relax as you fall asleep (or wake up) – without ever having to ‘scramble’ for your device again.

Savvy Lounging: Sofas and Recliners with USB Ports

Elevate the tech-compatibility of your living room and bedroom by opting for seating with USB ports. Designed for convenience and easy-reach – most USB ports will be located on the side of the armrest or on the recliner’s remote – sofas and recliners with USB ports will smarten up the way you lounge.

Hard-Working Designs: Desks with USB Ports

Tech-savvy, low-maintenance desks will take your home office to the next level – one that makes staying connected and on-task a cinch.  Desks with USB ports will keep the devices you need for work, like your computer, phone and tablet – always charged and on-hand.

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