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Smart Nightstands: Three Features to Look For

There’s a reason why keeping a nightstand at the side of a bed remains a classic bedroom arrangement: a bedside nightstand with spacious drawers and accessible dimensions adds convenience to bedroom organization and lounging. And with newer nightstands featuring smarter, tech-friendlier designs, relaxing in bed with your electronic devices before lights out, or keeping your devices charged while you sleep, is easier than ever.

Lamp Assist

Lamp assist technology, also known as touch lighting, is convenience brought to life. Featuring a touch-activated sensor bar, lamp assist technology makes it possible to turn on or off the lights – simply by touching your nightstand!
lamp assist

USB Ports & Power Outlets

Thanks to nightstands with USB ports and power outlets, keeping your devices plugged in and charged – and your bedroom lights on – is easier than ever. Plus, in most tech-friendly nightstands, USB ports and power outlets are conveniently located in easy-to-reach places such as the side paneling, making it effortless to reach and plug in your gadgets.

Media Cutouts

While using nightstands with lamp assist technology, USB ports and power outlets offers luxurious bedside convenience, it also comes with a tangle of cords. Shoving all your chargers and cords to one side of your nightstand may fix the mess in the moment, but every time you move one device (or add another), all the cords will simply fall back to where they were – making your bedside corner feel messy and disorganized.
Nightstands with media cutouts solve the problem of out-of-control cords. Featuring a sleek cutout at the back, through which you can feed every unsightly cord and wire that comes with every electronic device, media cutouts or ‘organizers’ let you keep your favorite tech plugged in without creating chaos.

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