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What Is Touch Lighting? (+ How it Works in Furniture)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn the lights on and off without having to leave bed or strain to reach the switch of your lamp? Now you can, thanks to the innovative lamp assist technology. Built into nightstands and beds, lamp assist features a sensor bar that allows you to control your bedroom lighting with just the slightest touch. Intrigued? Keep reading below to discover some of the most popular smart nightstand and bed designs featuring lamp assist technology – and exactly how they work!

Nightstands and Beds with Lamp Assist Technology

Nightstands and beds with lamp assist technology feature a thin metal bar located across the top of the back paneling – completely hidden from view yet easy to access. 

The metal bar is touch activated and connected to the bedside lamp of your choice, so all it takes is the slight touch of your hand to turn off – or on – the lights. Many designs also come with built-in standard power outlets.

How to Activate the Lamp Assist/Touch Sensor Technology

If you see a nightstand or bed you love that happens to come with a lamp assist feature, it is usually the case that it will also feature standard outlets – which means you may notice several cords wired into the back of the design. Usually, these cords will be labeled with either a ‘Hot’ or ‘On/Off’ tag. Cords labeled as ‘Hot’ are meant for items that need to be kept charged or on at all times, such as alarm clocks. Cords labeled as ‘On/Off’ are meant for the lamp you wish to be turned on and off by the touch sensor.

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