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How an Adjustable Headrest Works (+ Why It’s Important)

In a power recliner with a reclining backrest, the reclining feature makes it luxuriously effortless to sit back and lounge at your favorite reclining angle. But if you want to use a power recliner to recline back while watching TV – without straining your neck – you will need more than a just a reclining backrest. Specifically, you’ll need a power recliner that lets you lie back while keeping your head and neck lifted and supported, and the easiest way to get this is through an adjustable headrest.

What Is an Adjustable Headrest?

Found on select power recliners, adjustable headrests are exactly what they sound like: headrests that can be adjusted to different positions. While adjustable headrests can be used for custom comfort while sitting upright, they are especially designed to allow someone who is reclined back to look forward – such as toward the TV – without straining the head or neck.

Choose Your Support Level

While each adjustable headrest is designed to provide endless possibilities for customized support and comfort, keep in mind, when shopping for recliners with adjustable headrests, that not all adjustable headrests are created the same. Adjustable headrests tend to come in sizes of varying heights and depths; the thicker the headrest, the more layers of comfort cushioning it contains – and the higher levels of support it will provide.

Consider Lumbar Support

When you lie back on a regular recliner, you may feel a ‘gap’ between your lower back and the seat of the recliner; this gap can prevent an individual from fully relaxing and even result in strain and pressure placed on the lower back.

Many recliners that come with adjustable headrests also come with adjustable lumbar support designed to fill in this gap, promoting a more comfortable and supportive lounging experience.

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