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The 19 TikTok Decor Trends That Are Taking Over the Internet, & How to Copy Them

If it’s not trending on TikTok, is it even trending IRL?  With the platform dominating the social media landscape, the answer is probably not. To keep you in on the loop of what’s hot and what’s not, we did a little digging to find out the highest-viewed TikTok décor trends, why TikTokers are raving about them and how anyone – from amateur decorator to pro designer – can bring TikTok #decor home. Read it and #slay.

1. #CottageCore - 8.5B views

TikTok’s relationship with cottagecore is somewhat of an outlier – the two have been together for years now, each loving and nurturing the other. What started out as a smaller-scale cult following just a couple years previously is now a record-breaking TikTok décor trend, sitting at 8.5 billion views in 2022. The reason? According to designer Shelby Greene, “Cottage living is quiet and comforting – and celebrates the universal desire to get back into touch with nature.” Get the look: Bring home quaint animal statues, whitewashed furniture and lots of greenery.

2. #DarkAcademia - 1.6B views

Dark academia, the aesthetic of literature – but with a dark, sometimes morbid twist – is, ironically, under one of the largest and brightest spotlights on TikTok, with 1.6 billion views, the second to largest for décor. Designer Jessica Harris notes that “dark academia is intellectual and artsy – speaking to our collective drive for lifelong learning.” Get the look: Bring home dark wood bookcases, tweed throw pillows and volumes of ancient and classic texts.

3. #FairyCore - 1.3B views

Perhaps the most unusual of the décor trends – but in no way unintriguing or unattractive – fairycore is light, whimsical and sprinkled with pixie dust. For designer Brynna Evans, “it’s an enchanted world, one that’s different from ours, and works well as a form of escapism.” Get the look: Go all in on light pink and the kinds of natural greenery you would find in a forest – such as wildflowers, moss, ferns and lichens.

4. #RoyalCore - 259.2M views

Based on the aesthetics of European royalty in the 1800s and before, royalcore is opulence. Fit only for nobles, it transforms any home, no matter the size, into a palace. Befitting the traditional aesthetics such as Victorian, Venetian and other monarch-inspired looks, royalcore is best played out with tapestries, marble columns, turned legs and floral patterns. Get the look: Look to medieval fairy tales for inspiration – think knights, crests and fancy tea sets.

5. #Minimalism - 247.9M views

Sparse but not cold, minimalism takes an eye for simplicity combined with style. And at 247.9 million views, it’s one of the most popular aesthetics – not for a lack of keeping a low profile. “Minimalism is quiet," designer Shelby Greene explains, "and doesn’t seek out attention, but attention is what it’s getting. People crave peace and balance at home, and purging their aesthetics of clutter is the best way to get it.” Get the look: Balance a large piece like a sofa with décor on either side for symmetry, but only with what’s needed; skip superfluous décor.

6. #MidCenturyModern - 173.5M views

Mid-century modern is a force to be reckoned with. Designer Jessica Harris explains, “capturing the hearts of decorators for well before TikTok hashtags existed, the emergence of the 50’s and 60’s inspired style on social media as a reigning trend is just proof that its simple, vintage beauty is easy to love.” Get the look: Tapered legs, arc-shaped lamps and retro colors like avocado green, burnt orange and mustard yellow are all mid-century.

7. #Maximalism - 96.5M views

Maximalism, the anti-minimalism, favors the ‘more is merrier’ mentality. According to designer Brynna Evans, “at 96.5 million views, it’s obvious that people are drawn to the artistry that well-placed décor brings.” Get the look: Deck out an entire wall like a gallery with wallpaper, wall art or murals; on furniture, layer throws on throws and cushions on cushions.

8. #Botanical - 80.8M views

An homage to nature, botanicals, whether real flowers, faux flowers-in-vase or floral-patterned pillows and upholstery, add a soft, feminine touch to interiors. As designer Shelby Greene lays it out, “flowers are nature’s art expression: they’re the original paint colors, and people are using their homes as canvasses.” Get the look: Mix flowers and floral patterns with light pink, blue and green upholstery to match.

9. #ArtDeco - 56.7M views

Art Deco, most closely associate with books like The Great Gatsby, is an amalgamation of art, glamour, bold geometrics and strong colors. According to designer Jessica Harris, “its tie to the 1940’s is what makes it so seductive: nostalgia has always made for good décor.” Get the look: Bring home gold metallic accent tables, geometric art and lush materials such as velvet sofas.

10. #WitchCore - 53.4M views

The witchcore trend is the kind of thing that you would only see rising on TikTok; strange, macabre and vintage-inspired, it’s deliciously niche. Witchcore, the darker cousin of cottagecore, is not for the faint of heart. As designer Brynna Evans puts it, “it’s the subculture of all things relating to witches and the occult and has been brewing in popularity for the sheer mystique and alternative nature.” Adapt the style only if you dare! Get the look: Turn to the gothic style for décor inspiration, incorporating spell books here and there!

witchcore tiktok

11. #VintageDecor - 29.9M views

Vintage décor ditches the present – and the stresses that go with it – for the simpler times gone by. As noted by designer Shelby Greene, “pieces that have been worn and used, distressed, scratched and scuffed make the style feel almost as though it is its own person, with its own history and story.” Get the look: Repurpose old furniture, or add patina to a new surface for an aged feel.

12. #HomeLibrary - 25.59M views

Different from a home office, the home library is devoted to books. “Now that reading on e-readers, tablets are quite the norm, people are looking for ways to incorporate physical books as much as possible – or, at least, get their visual fix of tomes through TikTok,” states designer Jessica Harris. Get the look: Line a wall with bookcases or shelves and line the bookcases or shelves with as many books as a bibliophile could want.

13. #GrandMillennial - 19.9M views

Grandmillennial is the buzzword for grandma-chic, grandmacore or anything revolving around Grandma. “It’s vintage mixed with the kind of quilts, crochet work and tea sets you associate with her; the whole aesthetic is comforting and nostalgic,” states designer Brynna Evans. Get the look: Knit yourself a throw and take up needlepointing.

14. #CloudCouch - 13.9M views

The irresistible comfort of #cloudcouch is its weightless look, curved lines and low profile. Designer Shelby Greene acknowledges that “on TikTok, the demand for a soothing aesthetic – something on which you can imagine yourself floating – is real.” Get the look: Bring home a modular, soft-material-fill sofa with customizable upholstery.

15. #Japandi - 13.7M views

Japandi, a fusion of Scandinavian and Japan designs, rests in materials such as cane and bamboo. According to designer Jessica Harris, “simple and natural, Japandi is eco-friendly, streamlined and a combination of Eastern and Western mentalities – you get the best of both worlds.” Get the look: To start, try a cane cabinet with a vase filled with bamboo stalks on top.

16. #Tufted Rugs - 6.9M views

Made without knots, tufted rugs offer a smooth pile. As explained by designer Henry Nader, “the clean, flat look puts the focus on the colors and the patterns over the texture, allowing the rug to serve as another outlet for artistic expression in décor.” Get the look: The tufted pile works great with detailed patterns like geometrics and bold, striking colors.

17. #RattanFurniture - 4.3M views

The light, natural material is endlessly versatile – limiting itself to no one style. Designer Shelby Greene highlights that “the explosion of rattan inside the home has resulted in hundreds of new designs featuring rattan – and dozens of ways to bring it home, from storage trunks and headboards to tables and chairs.” Get the look: Opt for rattan furniture and wall décor, such as a rattan-framed clock or sign to complete the look.

18. #70sHouse - 2.1M views

The seventies were a bold time for décor, with shag carpets, stone veneer and technicolor highlights. According to designer Jessica Harris, “it’s a time capsule to the discos and peace signs and lava lamps – when life was a little more colorful.” Get the look: Nothing feels as 70s as a stone veneer wall with a shag carpet base.

19. #OrganicModern - 2.0M views

Organic isn’t just for the food we eat, TikTok will have you know.  In the words of designer Henry Nader, “people are looking to live organically in all areas of life, even in aesthetics. Clean, light-filled rooms, natural colors and organic materials, when possible, create a healthier living environment.”  Get the look: Wood meets airy fabrics in organic modern. Opt for warm wooden furniture and white fabrics to capture the spirit of the organic modern movement.

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