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Nate + Jeremiah Put Function at the Center of Their New Collection

As thoughtful, meticulous, experienced designers, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent understand better than anyone the role furniture plays in making our lives better. With their level of expertise and taste, they’ve created a new collection that is not only incredibly beautiful, but infinitely functional. Each piece offers features that allow it to perform above and beyond the typical call of duty. Follow along to see what Nate and Jeremiah are bringing to the table this season.

Centre Nesting Accent Tables

Pulled up to a corner chair, Nate and Jeremiah’s Centre nesting accent tables are the perfect little perches for a little bit of everything. Because three surfaces are better than one, this design provides extra space for extra essentials and decor.

Centre Extension Dining Table

For anyone who loves to entertain and appreciates sophistication, Nate and Jeremiah have designed a table that blends classic style with helpful function. Thanks to an 18” extension leaf, this piece expands from 72” to a grand 90” - allowing any host with the most to invite all of their family and friends.

Centre Dining Bench

When it comes to benches, you usually don’t expect much more than seating. But Nate and Jeremiah prove that you can get more bang for your buck with their Centre dining bench. The duo have brilliantly designed this piece to include two drawers for storing necessities, like linens, silverware and dishes.

Centre Armoire

Any design you can use multiple ways is automatically ingenious, and Nate and Jeremiah have created an armoire that does double the work. You get to choose how it should function for you thanks to removable, adjustable shelves, power outlets and USB ports. So, not only does it provide storage, it serves as a desk that can be hidden away at the end of the day.

Centre Extension Coffee Table

Unique and chic, Nate and Jeremiah’s Centre coffee table offers not one, but two extensions to maximize the amount of surface you have in your space. Both ends expand to create an expansive design that can fit magazines, books and accessories. Plus, there’s two drawers for convenient storage.

Centre Nesting Glide Accent Table

In addition to a distinctive shape, Nate and Jeremiah’s Centre nesting glide accent table seamlessly extends to give you more surface in a small amount of space. That means you can fit lighting, reading and even a drink, and best of all, they are easily accessible from your seat.

Centre Bar

Nate and Jeremiah truly raised the bar for their collection when they designed a dedicated bar cabinet. This piece pulls out all the stops with luxe materials and novel features. When you open the doors, you find deep drawers and open shelves that are backed by mirrors and inset with marble. There’s even a rack for wine glasses, plus a fancy glass shelf for more fancy things.

Celebrated design duo, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent recently launched an exclusive upholstery collection for Living Spaces. Featuring timeless pieces inspired by their travels, as well as items they live with at home, this line of luxurious yet affordable designs introduces 2 chic color trends we think you’ll love for this season and beyond. Jewel tones and classic neutrals, these palettes look just as stylish on their own as they do paired together, and they’ll shine in your space.

Jewel Tone | Gold

Vibrant yet sophisticated, jewel tones have the unique ability to add color and sophistication to a room. Whereas yellow would look bright, peppy and youthful, gold has more gravitas. It’s a bold choice, but it feels grand and glamorous. Nate and Jeremiah have it available as a Special Order fabric on their Ames sofa, which is elegant and easy to live with. It’s the perfect addition to a formal living room.

Jewel Tone | Emerald

Green is one of this year’s hottest colors, and Emerald is a fancy, five-star version of the popular hue. Just like the precious gemstone its named for, this shade is rich, dramatic and elegant. Pairing it with black and white or metallics will yield extraordinarily luxe results. Nate and Jeremiah’s Marta sofa bears this dazzling color when covered in a Special Order fabric, and represents their interpretation of mid-century Italian design.

Neutrals | Beige 

Fans of Nate and Jeremiah know that these design darlings have a thing for neutral colors. And who can blame them? Neutrals are a key ingredient in effortlessly chic spaces, and you can truly never go wrong with this palette - especially if you’re someone who shys away from color. Nate and Jeremiah’s Matteo sofa and chair are just right in tame beige, which allows other details to take center stage, from button tufting to sleek metal legs. 

Neutrals | Grey

Grey is the perhaps the most usable neutral. Not too dark, not too light, it is perfectly balanced and manages to somehow look fresh and timeless in any setting. Nate and Jeremiah’s Whitley sectional is inspired by a vintage piece they found on their travels and live with in their own home. The tailored grey upholstery highlights its strong rectangular lines and deep, low-profile seating.

How Nate and Jeremiah Embrace Hygge in their New Collection

A word used to describe the warm and cozy Danish way of life, hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) was introduced to us a few years ago when it swept the nation as a major lifestyle trend. Although the full-blown hygge frenzy has dissipated, the desire to create more mindful, more beautiful spaces remains, and it’s embraced in the new upholstery collection that Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent have created. The incomparable interior designers weave the fundamentals of hygge in their pieces, and in the way they style them. Here’s how.

1 | Neutral Tones. The idea of hygge is to instill a sense of serenity and peacefulness in your space. Neutral tones are an easy and lovely way to do that, and they just happen to be a favorite of Nate and Jeremiah. From creams, to taupes, to wood tones, this palette is inherently calming and key to a hygge home.

2 | Simple Things. It’s amazing how placing a chair in a corner can make it instantly inviting, right? With this small styling choice, Nate and Jeremiah have created a moment where you can imagine yourself curling up with a cup of hot cocoa and a book. That moment is what hygge is all about. Taking pleasure in the simple things and turning them into fond memories.

3 | Cozy Vibes. Super soft, extra touchable textures are essential in a hygge-inspired room, and Nate and Jeremiah’s pieces have got that concept covered. From the luxurious velvety upholstery on their Ames sofa, to the thick shearling-style fabric on their Chloe cocktail ottoman, the layers are all ultra-comfortable and ultra-irresistible.

4 | Natural Elements. Nate and Jeremiah’s collection reflects their love of bringing the outside into their spaces - a main ingredient in hygge interiors. The natural warmth and beauty that materials like wood add to a room are the heart and soul of hygge.
Watch: The Nate + Jeremiah Collection

You’ll Obsess Over These 3 Design Trends from Nate + Jeremiah's Collection

With the launch of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s upholstery collection for Living Spaces comes the introduction of new color and design trends that will make your season. These interior design stars have their finger on the pulse of all things fresh and timeless, and their pieces feature striking elements and unique details that style dreams are made of. Below are 3 trends taken straight from their collection, and we think you’ll go crazy for them - we sure have!

Trend 1 | Front + Center Texture Nate and Jeremiah’s upholstered designs don’t just look beautiful, they feel irresistible. From luxe velvets, to nubby linens to the soft and cozy shearling-inspired upholstery that’s pictured here on their Liv chair, Nate and Jeremiah’s designs are meant to be seen and touched. This fabric is actually 100% polyester that mimics the texture of wool or fleece from a shearling sheep. You’ll also see this fabric on their boho-chic Chloe cocktail ottoman and practical yet beautiful Norah storage ottoman.

Trend 2 | A Leg Up on Style Like any true designer, Nate and Jeremiah are all about the details. The attention they pay to the smallest of elements is obvious in features like button tufting, channeled backs, unique shapes, sculptural lines and striking legs. Take the stems on their Ames chair and sofa, for instance. These tapered stunners end in glamorous brass caps. As minute as this detail may be, that’s all it takes to elevate a design to new heights of style. And truly, that’s all it takes to make us swoon.

Trend 3 | Ode to Architecture Both Nate and Jeremiah possess a deep appreciation for pivotal style eras and time periods, as well as influential designers and architects. In fact, several of the pieces in their collection were inspired by specific design movements and works from their favorite artists. 

Media Outlets Go Wild for Nate and Jeremiah's Collection

On the heels of launching their exclusive upholstery collection for Living Spaces, interior designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent are capturing the attention and affection of major media outlets, including top lifestyle and design publications. What has all of them abuzz, aside from the beyond gorgeous pieces? The beyond affordable prices! Giving you the opportunity to bring a piece of them and their style home - without breaking the bank - is what this collection is all about. Everyone can live beautifully and tell their story with Nate and Jeremiah’s pieces. And if these articles are any indication, the future is looking bright for them and chic for you.

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