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14 of the Best Round Rugs You Will Ever Find

Anything soft around the edges, such as a round rug, can make a room feel cozier and more open. If square, rectangle or other angular-shaped rug has been cramping your style, take note of these circular versions below; each one’s pattern, texture, size and material make it popular with our customers – and the best of the best of any round rug offering you will find on the market.

Best Overall

1. Quatrefoil Layers

Size: 94”

Pattern: Quatrefoil

Why it’s a super rug: Clean lines are easy on the eyes and complement the round silhouette nicely. Subdued neutral colors match well with accent pillows and other living room pieces, and the size is versatile enough to work in any room of the house. It’s also made of an easy-to-clean material (simply run a steam vacuum to pick up stains), making it a lifesaver for young families or houses with indoor pets.

2. Modern Aqua and Grey

Size: 94”

Pattern: Abstract

Why it’s a super rug: A subtle pop of blue energizes and exudes songs of the sea and sky – exactly what you get in the Modern Aqua and Grey round rug. Designed with a plush pile that feels just as soft as you can imagine under bare feet, this handwoven rug also comes with a self-backing layer that keeps it firm on the floor (to help prevent slipping). While the feel is soft, the material is actually synthetic – a good thing if you’re looking for something easier to clean.

3. Guinevere Charcoal

Size: 79"

Pattern: Traditional

Why it’s a super rug: Most rug-buyers fall into two camps: those looking for solid-pattern (no pattern rugs) and those looking for patterned rugs. What makes the Guinevere special is that while it is patterned, it’s patterned ever-so-softly, and anyone on the fence about bringing home a patterned rug will 1000% find themselves happy with the Guinevere. Not too busy and not too bright but subdued, distressed and barely-there, this one offers the perfect touch of simple style.

4. Global Stripe

Size: 63"

Pattern: Stripe

Why it’s a super rug: Plush yet low pile, this round rug deserves compliments to go around (pun intended). A soft pattern and color is the first thing you’ll notice – followed closely by the feel of the soft fibers gently caressing your feet. What really makes the Global Stripe rug an automatic hit with customers, though, is the uniqueness of the striped pattern; while it provides the room-lengthening qualities of basic stripes, it also incorporates a touch of boho pattern and intriguing shapes, all presented in what is just about the softest shade of grey available so as to complement, and not compete with, your other room décor.

Best Round Shag Rugs

5. Elation Shag Ivory

Size: 72"

Pattern: Solid

Why it’s a super rug: While remaining upright as your bare feet brush against the soft fibers can be hard to do (how anyone can feel the luxurious material and not immediately fall to the floor and roll around in it like a puppy in cotton-candy clouds, we’ll never know), simply enjoying the feel of the pile underfoot provides its own dopamine-like effect. Buy this rug for its comfort, quality and simplicity – you won’t regret it.

6. Elation Shag Grey

Size: 72"

Pattern: Solid

Why it’s a super rug: Refer to our praises of the Elation Shag Ivory (above) – this one’s the exact same model as that one, in just a different color!

Best Patterned Round Rugs

7. Outdoor Stripe

Size: 94”

Pattern: Stripe

Why it’s a super rug: Designed for outdoor use, the Outdoor Stripe rug feels intrinsically light and coastal with its block stripes and sandy colors.

8. Traditional Soft Greys

Size: 94"

Pattern: Abstract

Why it’s a super rug: The closer you look at the gorgeous pattern, the more you’ll see. A center floral motif at the center branches out to abstract shapes – perfect for traditional, transitional and cottage spaces.

9. Conrad Ivory/Grey

Size: 94"

Pattern: Abstract

Why it’s a super rug: One notable feature of this rug is that it is off-white/grey – two colors that hide dirt better than others. Combine the stealthy color palette with the line-twisting pattern that detracts from any obscurities or smidges and smudges that may get tracked in from outside, and you get the kind of rug you want around when kids and pets stumble onto your floors.

10. Blue Watermark

Size: 105”

Pattern: Watermark

Why it’s a super rug: The largest size of round rugs tends to be around this size: a grand 105” for complete floor coverage.

11. Low/High Grey and Beige

Size: 63"

Pattern: Abstract

Why it’s a super rug: Scandi influences, a plush pile and, of course, the round shape all equate to coziness. A simple grey and beige color palette makes this offering even more appealing – it’s extremely versatile, so match it with any and all of your décor, no matter what kind of décor you have!

12. Diamond Dots

Size: 94"

Pattern: Diamond

Why it’s a super rug: This outdoor rug can be used both indoors and out – and not just because of the material, but the style, too! A dotted palette of diamonds and suns adds just the right amount of modern appeal to a living room, den or patio.

Jute Medallion

Size: 60"

Pattern: Medallion

Why it’s a super rug: 100% jute: for those who want a natural alternative to polyester, this rug gives them all that and then some (including a classic cutout medallion print). Five-foot size also means it’s versatile enough for both small and large rooms alike. It’s for all these reasons that this design continues to rank as one of the top-sellers within the rug category as a whole.

14. Red & Brown Blocks

Size: 94"

Pattern: Blocks

Why it’s a super rug: Patchwork-like blocks over a soft pile create a quaint feel. Deep earth tones offer a warm contrast that make this perfect for placing in front of a crackling fireplace, under a dining set or in a bedroom. This is one rug that allows you to get your cozy on – no socks needed!

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