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14 Breakfast Nook Ideas for Your Morning Coffee

These breakfast nook ideas are so charming, they’ll make you want to ‘rise and shine’ all the earlier. Wake up and smell the design possibilities!

1. Sunlight Conservatory

Quaint cottage-style breakfast nook furniture surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows? Two words: We’re. Obsessed.

2. Color Me Calm

Going grey? Pair it with rich, calming colors – like golds, browns and blues – for breakfast time elegance.

3. Monday Blues

‘Monday Blues’ are suddenly happy and chirpy, thanks to bold blue drapes, jar decor, and chairs.

4. Prim and Proper

Not everyone can wake up feeling like a sophisticated movie star – but you can, thanks to full-skirted chairs and high-glam decor!

5. Beach Nook

Keep on riding your vacation high – long after vacation’s over – with pops of ocean art, coastal textures and beachy greenery.

6. Mid-Century Modern, Naturally

A woodsy palette gives a cozy-cottage feel to mid-century modern silhouettes.

7. Contemporary Elegance

On the menu: sleek chrome fixtures, glossy furniture and minimalist decorations.

8. Unfinished Business

If you live life a little rough-around-the-edges, if you’d “rather be camping,” and if your ears perk up at “Lumberjack Breakfast,” then this breakfast nook is for you! Distressed textures, exposed-frame chairs and industrial materials give a charm that’s both raw and authentic – and cozy and warm.

9. Bright Idea

This ‘breakfast cozy’ has got the right (bright) idea. How to get the same airy feel? Lighting is major – let in as much natural light as you can – and bright, white walls and countertops to reflect it!

10. Sunflower Calling

This rich wood counter set brings out the yellow of a beautiful sunflower bouquet like nothing else.

11. Room with a View

We have only one wish for this blue-paneled, Mediterranean-inspired breakfast nook: that it’s open for reservations!

12. Farmhouse Feels

This farmhouse dining table with white milk jug vase and fresh-picked flowers is the realization of our wildest bed-and-breakfast fantasies.

13. A Side of Scallops

Traditionally, scallops are served with lunch or dinner – but this scalloped breakfast table proves they’re just as enjoyable in the morningtime!

14. Black Magic

When it comes to breakfast, “black magic” means less scary, and more berries. Bunch the wild varieties in a vase to play up an all-black dining set; nothing beats waking up to ‘fresh fruit’ decor!
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