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Pantone Color of the Year: Classic Blue

It’s the color of the new horizon – the color of the sky when fresh change is just around the corner. Here’s how to bring it home.
Classic blue is more than a color. It’s a feeling that evokes change, in the most harmonious way. It’s the merging of skies and oceans at the break of dawn, of the blooming Iris flower caressed in morning’s dew, of rich blueberries aged in a savory fine wine. It is, in short, the color of inspiration. Synonymous with ‘royal blue,’ it infuses the air with a clean, calm sense of regality – it’s timeless, and yet somehow, always, cool.

Classic Blue Essential #1: A Magnolia Home Accent Rug

The moment your feet hit the floor in the morning should be filled with ceremony, a celebration of new beginnings as the day ahead unfurls – and we can’t think of a rug more equipped for the job than a classic blue from the Magnolia Home collection. Let it soften your tread as you roam about your bedroom – or wherever you choose to incorporate its refreshing energy!

Classic Blue Essential #2: Ombre Table Lamp

This classic blue ombre table lamp moves in sweeping motions, crescendoes into a rolling, graceful wave that is the fusion of colors. Just like the sea and sky, it promises fresh energy – and encapsulates why we’re obsessed with classic blue to begin with!

Classic Blue Essential #3: Art

Picture-Butterfly Paper Art 24X24

Get it Sep 25 - Sep 29

40X50 Going Up

Get it Oct 02 - Oct 06

54X36 Point Break II

Get it Oct 02 - Oct 06

35X35 Tropical Delight

Get it Oct 02 - Oct 06

What would art be without color, and what would walls be without art? Incorporate classic blue through your hallways, above your sofa or in your bedroom for a “splash” of good energy.

Classic Blue Essential #4: A Magnolia Home Pillow

12X24 Tribal Stripe Decorative Pillow

Get it Sep 25 - Sep 29

18X18 Embroidered Decorative Pillow

Get it Sep 25 - Sep 29

20X20 Decorative Beach Life Pillow

Get it Sep 25 - Sep 29

18X18 Decorative Seahorse Pillow

Get it Sep 25 - Sep 29

The quickest and easiest way to bring home Pantone’s Color of the Year? Pillows. We’re loving this classic blue throw from Magnolia Home – which features gorgeous knit textured details to bring out the depth of the color.

Classic Blue Essential #5: Easy Seating

If you’re looking to bring a little more color into your life (more than, say, an accent pillow or lamp), start with the seating – and let the Pantone Color of the Year guide your way. The cool tones of classic blue + soft upholstery options = a style marriage that’s, well, classic!

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