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Animal Decor Ideas - Best Wildlife-Inspired Images

Wildlife like you’ve never seen it before – in your own home! Here’s your daily dose of animal decor inspiration.

Birds of a Feather

Table Lamp-Bird On Branch

Get it Aug 03 - Aug 07

4 Inch White Ceramic Turtle

Get it Aug 08 - Aug 12

Multi Bird Sculpture

Get it Aug 03 - Aug 07

If you’re an ornithologist of sorts, bird decor is the way to go. Incorporate little bird statues here and there in ‘tucked away’ placements – just as birds would arrange themselves in their natural habitats!

The Elephant in the Room

Unlike birds, elephants aren’t as keen on hiding places; their humongous forms stand out – and they embrace exactly the thing that makes them different. (Really, we could all learn a thing or two from these gentle giants!) So, bring your elephant figurines out of their shells, and place them center stage on any surface in your home for statement-making decor!

56X36 Two Horses

Get it Aug 10 - Aug 14

11 Inch Silver Elephant Figurine

Get it Aug 08 - Aug 12

7 Inch Sheep Figurine

Get it Aug 08 - Aug 12

Horsin’ Around

Like all animals, there’s something so sacredly beautiful about horses in their natural environment. Horse lovers appreciate their ‘purity of soul,’ and you don’t have to be an equestrian to see the grace in their trots, the power in their gallops, the elegance in their manes. To capture a little bit of their beauty – and incorporate it into your decor – opt for equine portraits; with such a variety of options available, finding the one that ‘belongs’ in your home has neighver been easier.

26 Inch Swimming Fish Wall Art

Get it Aug 03 - Aug 07

18X22 Hanging Sloth

Get it Aug 10 - Aug 14

14 Inch Silver Ceramic Llama

Get it Aug 08 - Aug 12

Accent Pillow-Navy Flamingos 18X18

Get it Jul 31 - Aug 04

They say that your home should be filled with the things that bring you joy, so if you love animals, decorating your home with animal art and figurines is pretty much a no-brainer. Unlike real pets, decorative pets don’t shed, make messes, trigger allergies, and so forth. So, if you really love animals, don’t be shy, go all out! Guests will have nothing to complain about; on the contrary, your ‘critter’ decorations just may manage to turn the grumpiest of frowns (including the one on your father-in-law) upside down!

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