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Reading Nook Ideas for the Stylish Book Lover

Bibliophiles, rejoice! Here are eight simple ways to create a reading nook that’s charming, practical and a little bit quirky – just like the bookworm in all of us!


1. Reading Chair

Give your nook an irresistible charm by contrasting familiar pieces with unexpected designs; a couple classic reading chairs paired in an inviting arrangement next to an airy, modern-style bookcase brings a literary twist on cultivated elegance. For even more ambiance, mix toasty warm neutrals for coziness, plush textures for comfort and a splash of color for inspiration.

2. Storage Books

Not all books have to be for reading – some can serve as clever storage! Whether you want to tidy up clutter or conceal valuables, a book box is an inconspicuous storage with a flair; with such crafty artwork – including vintage-inspired book covers – your guests won’t be able to tell the difference between tricky containers and leather-bound classics!

3. Industrial Chic Details

There is no rule that says reading nooks have to be soft and cozy, which is good news for those who are limited on space or prefer an industrial-chic look. Whether you’re looking for more efficiency or simply have run out of corners, repurposing an office workspace into a chic multi-functional reading room can help you stay focused on the task in front of you – whether it’s an engrossing novel or a midterm study guide.

4. Nautical Lamp

What’s a reading nook without a good book, and what’s a good book without light to see? A dark room doesn’t just dampen a lighthearted ambiance – it can also create undue strain on your eyes. Luckily, with a wide, affordable selection of designs to choose from, great lamps can also mean great style. To bring out your reading nook’s quirky side, choose a desk or floor lamp with nautical charm; one with a twisted rope, for example, such as abaca, offers a subtle nod to heroic tales of the high seas.

5. Bookcase Ladder

Apart from the books themselves, perhaps a bookworm’s favorite things are an old-fashioned wall-to-wall bookcase and accompanying ladder. Unfortunately, wall-to-wall bookcases in the home may not always be your most feasible (or practical) option – but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the ‘literary heaven’ that is a bookcase ladder! While it’s best to style a vintage ladder when a tall bookcase is present, you can also lean it against the wall opposite a shorter bookshelf as a unique accent just as charming.

6. Bold Bookends

Set apart a collection of your favorite tales, and incorporate your love for storybook adventure, with whimsical bookends. Sleek metal designs and eccentric details bring a little bit of character and a whole lot of charm – and make literary bookends a reading nook must-have.

7. Cozy Ottoman

You can’t be carried off into distant lands and wild adventures if you’re not comfortable in your chair, which is why every proper reading nook should come with the coziest seating possible. Fortunately, dreamy pieces like velvety-soft accent chairs and ottomans make it effortless to experience total comfort in your reading corner – and courageous journeys in unknown frontiers.

8. Vintage Clock

Once you’ve settled into a cozy corner with a good book, it can be easy to lose all track of time, which is good for your inner bookworm but bad for your scheduled to-dos. Every so often, in the reality-escape that is your reading nook, a little check-in with the outside world can be good for the soul, which is where a wall clock comes in.  A vintage-inspired clock placed over your chair will fine-tune your reading nook’s shabby chic inspired décor – whether you check in with it is up to you!

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