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Color Guide: Shades of Blue

No matter its shade, blue packs a wealth of style potential. Whether you want to use blue to calm or invigorate, get inspired by these looks and see why the color blue is one of the most popular of choices for interior design.

1. Dark Blue in Interior Design

In the home, dark blue can calm, focalize and add depth. Dark blues commonly used in interior design include navy blue, denim blue and royal blue. When decorating with dark blues high in saturation, stay away from darker accents, like black or charcoal. Compared to lighter colors, dark blue brings more depth, and can be styled on its own to define a space with a ‘pop of color’ – without any help from other hues.

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Color Meaning: All Shades of Blue

Whether it is light, dark or true blue, the color blue is universally associated with nature. Perhaps this is because blue is the color we see in lakes, springs, rivers or other fresh water sources – reflected from the sky above –  on bright, sunny days.
Or, perhaps this is thanks to a more ironic of reasons. Other than the sky and water, blue is almost never seen in the natural world – but when it is, in the form of a rare butterfly or flower, it brings an unforgettable aesthetic almost mystical in its beauty.

2. Light Blue in Interior Design

Light blue, such as shades of turquoise, teal, sky blue and robin’s egg, can refresh and invigorate any space. Light blue with warmer undertones (such as turquoise and teal) will make a beachy, tropical splash, while light blue with cooler undertones (such as sky blue and robin’s egg) add a softer, breezier elegance.

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