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Sharp Cactus Decor Ideas to Replace the Succulent Trend

Cactus decor for pointed desert style.

1. Prick Up

The mini potted succulent trend that seems to be everywhere (thanks social media) is starting to get tiresome. Blow it away by blowing a prickly succulent up. Hang that bad boy up for a statement desert decor that speaks to the succulent craze – while still feeling rebellious.

2. Saturday Morning Cactoons

While even the sight of a real cactus can cause some to go ‘ouch!’, there’s nothing cuter and more lovable than an animated version of these ever-prickly succulents.

3. Soften Down

Watercolor has the power to make even the sharpest of things – from porcupines to ice skates to Grandpa’s unshaven chin stubble – a little softer and a touch more romantical.

4. Grow Up

Feeling daring? Bring a real cactus into your home decor. While they’re easy to take care of (some can go without water for years!), they’ll cause a sharp pain when touched, and should really only be incorporated in places away from guests and children. (Think forlorn corners and uninhabited nooks.) The result, though, will be unprecedentedly cool: the literal desert, right there in your home!

5. Desert Scene

Steppe on up! A black and white filter instantly transforms a regular desert landscape into a dreamy portal to serenity.


A cactus, no matter how prickly, is cool, and it doesn’t even have to try. It just stands there like a green child of the sun, arms stretched high as if to say, “Woops! Looks like there’s no water here, but that’s cool, I’ll just ride it out and look effortlessly laidback the entire time!” If you’re like us, you’ve got a serious case of cactus envy – but the good news is there’s an easy cure: cactus decor. While we can’t all be cacti, basking in the sun all day without once getting burnt or thirsty, we can certainly incorporate these forces of nature into our homes, one painting (or photograph, or potted cactus succulent) at a time. So, prick up your ears, because here’s the point: cactus style is sharp, and, realize it or not, you need-le it!

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