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Top 10 Interior Design Trends for Summer

The only thing we love more than summer are the trends this season brings along with it. Sun and fun are number one, and these themes are woven into every material, pattern, color and texture that’s popular right now. So get ready to soak up all the bright, bold, vacation-ready goodness and let these hot, hot, hot styles transform your home for summer.
summer trend rattan

1. Rattan

Rattan furniture and accent pieces are a great way to bring a natural element into your home this summer. Rattan - made from pliable stems of palm - was traditionally used for summer homes and screened porches, but it has made a modern, stylish comeback and is here to stay. It can be used in any room and can fit any budget.

summer trend plants

2. Plants

Summer is a time of year that should be spent enjoying the great outdoors. There’s no better way to bring the outside into your home than by adding houseplants that not only brighten up space and add a pop of color but also purify your air from toxins. Give them some height by placing them on your desk, dining table, nightstand, or bookshelf - you can hang them, grow them vertically or place them on their own pedestal. Don’t have a green thumb? No worries - faux plants look more real than ever and require zero maintenance.

summer trend tropical print

3. Tropical Prints

Tropical prints are a popular summer motif. Philodendron, monstera, and banana leaf are a few varieties of the pattern. They are the mistletoe of summer and can be incorporated in so many different ways: from wallpaper to wall art, a textile-print or on a smaller scale as small accessory pieces or throw pillows.

summer trend pineapples

4. Pineapples

Pineapples are not only perfect for a summertime cocktail, they're great for bringing a summer vibe to your space. Pineapple prints/décor are sure to bring a cute element to your home that instantly makes you think of summer.

summer trend gold accents

5. Gold Accent Decor

By bringing in warm, rich metallic tones to accent with bright summer colors, you’re adding glam and modern detail to your space.

summer trend flamingos

6. Flamingos

This distinctive pink bird print is flocking to all accessories this summer. You can easily find cute accent pieces or go bold and use it in textiles or wallpaper print.

summer trend millenial pink

7. Millenium Pink

Millennium Pink’s subtle pale tone contrasts flawlessly with emerald green and tropical prints, and can be highlighted by gold accents. Millennium Pink has been “in” for a few years now, and is not going anywhere, as the obsession with the color is only getting stronger.

summer trend emerald

8. Emerald Green

Bold color brings strong character to any space and Emerald Green is a versatile color that can be used in any season. Use it on a statement piece or as an accent color, and it will be sure to draw the eye to it’s exciting jewel tone. Make it even more charming by selecting an emerald velvet fabric.

summer trend natural materials

9. Natural Materials

Natural elements such as mango wood, teak and driftwood, along with materials like concrete and marble, bring in the warmth of camping without having to go anywhere. These pieces can be dressed up or down for any season.

summer trend elements

10. Geometric Shaped Tables

Geometric shaped tables add a modern touch to your summer staycation space. Modernizing the space will help keep it feel fresh and up-to-date year-round.

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