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Island Vibes & Tropical Decor: Here’s How to Crank the Heat

Trouble in (decorative) paradise? Get back on track with these tropical decor ideas toucan try anytime, anywhere (see what we did there?)!

1. Shell Decor

Seashells are iconic of island shores. Scatter them around shelves (get it?) for beach-worthy vibes.

2. Tropical Island Paradise

Hear that? It’s the faint sound of a distant waterfall and toucans singing in the trees – just two of the side effects you may experience when hanging up tropical palm tree art!

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3. Poolside Blues

If you’re a flamingo at heart, you appreciate a good watering hole. Deck out your pool space with tropic-inspired colors and textures for all of the #islandvibes.

Getting Resort Ready

Color. It’s the life pulse of a tropical rainforest; it engulfs you literally everywhere you look. There, a pink flamingo, whose feathers are as vibrant as a nightclub’s neon lights. Here, a morpho butterfly’s mystical wings flapping so fast, it’s painting the air with a blue-tinted brushstroke. Everywhere, the green palms and vines and thrush climb and crowd and compete for your field of vision, sparkling in the sun with dewdrops of neighborhood waterfalls. Color is the key motif of tropical heat, so if you want to transform your home into an island paradise, you best get your proverbial easel and palette, and start ‘painting!’

The Icing on the Cape

After you lay down the colorful ‘groundwork’ (i.e., the basics, like rugs, furniture and wallpaper/paints), it’s time for the real fun to begin. Play around with wall art, throw pillows and small decorative accents that remind you of the island landscape you want to emanate (hint: a yellow, orange and blue color scheme = a tropical win)!
Watch: Create an Island Paradise

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