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How to Decorate with Living Coral

Living coral, the Pantone Color of the Year, is making waves across interiors everywhere. With the help of Living Spaces designers, we’ve compiled our top tips for decorating with this refreshing hue.

Simply Gorgeous

“To achieve a bold yet subtle statement with a feeling of warmth and comfort, living coral needs to live in your space.” - Joy Huitron, Living Spaces Visual Merchandiser

Living coral is the embodiment of fun; it’s energetic and carefree – on a mission to take you back to the happy-go-lucky days of summer. The perfect complement to every color of the rainbow, living coral is a celebration of life and vibrancy.

What Is the Color Meaning of Living Coral?

With the help of orange and reddish undertones, living coral gives a soft warm glow like that of its namesake – the vibrant-hued coral reef found in tropical oceans. Just as the color of actual living coral fluctuates slightly from species to species – some in which orange undertones dominate over red, and vice versa – so does the ‘living coral’ color that you see in fashion and design.

Whether you wear it or decorate with it, living coral offers a kick of rejuvenation. What living coral represents, its color meaning, can be found in its name: life. Use living coral as a reminder to live boldly and beautifully – and to add instant refreshment to any corner of your home!

Curl Up with Coral

“Mid-century modern should be vibrant, but many trends embrace neutral walls and floors. Living coral is an easy way to wake this up!” - Vilma Sakha, Living Spaces Design Consultant

Living coral makes a splash, so a little goes a long way. In interior decorating, all you need is a hint, so opt to incorporate living coral through accents such as throw pillows, wall art  and home decor.

Decorating with Living Coral: Insider Tip

“The easiest way to incorporate the Pantone Color living coral in your interior is pops of color via throw pillows, wall art and other home accessories. It would also make for a fun accent wall in an otherwise neutral space." - Emilie Baltorinic, interior designer, Living Spaces

Living coral is bold, so it’s easiest to style with it in small splashes and accents here and there. But if you’re going to go bold, go all the way. Paint a wall in living coral, hang curtains in living coral or lay an area rug in living coral – or all three! If you choose all three, just remember the 50-150 rule: when grouping together three decorative pieces in the same color, one should be the “standard” shade of the color, another one should be 50% lighter than the standard and the third should be 150% darker than the standard. This will help to calm and define the energy of a living coral palette.

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