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What Is Millennial Pink? A Brief History

Millennial Pink isn’t just a color. It’s a movement that took over social media and an entire generation, spurring passionate controversy along the way.

What Is Millennial Pink

Millennial Pink is a dusty, rosy, pale shade of pink. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘pale dogwood’ or ‘delicate pink.’ At first glance, its color association may appear pretty straightforward to the untrained eye: feminine, romantic, playful. But to truly understand the color, you have to go back – way back, to the origins of the popularity of pink itself.

History of Pink

In the 1700s, pink was, in fact, not associated with femininity, but rather – get this – masculinity! This was because pink was considered just another form of red, which associates even today with strength and dominance. It wasn’t until a century later when the soft, more romantical feeling began to present itself with the color, a direct result of the fashion at the time. For men, it was darker, ‘serious’ garments, and for women, brighter colors.
Enter the 20th century, when the marketing industry skyrocketed, and colors suddenly became gendered. This would last for decades and begin to decline as millennials, with the help of social media, began to re-shape (or, at least, continue the trend toward) public notions of issues revolving around gender and feminism – and, perhaps most incredibly, take advertising into their own hands.

Which brings us to Millennial Pink, which has grown so ubiquitous, that the ‘regular’ pink of yesteryear is nothing more than a faint memory. While still, technically, pink, Millenial Pink is ‘dusty,’ feeling almost muddied. It’s definitely not as ‘flirty’ as regular pink, and in the 2020’s, it’s easy to see why. Gone are the days when colors, clothing and occupations were reserved for one gender, and not the other. Millenial Pink is the product of its namesake.
Amidst the rubble of the walls built by yesteryear’s society, it stands like a tribute to progress – all the while looking effortlessly chic.

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