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The Best Affordable Couches of 2021

You spoke, we listened. Here are the best affordable couches of the year, as rated by customers.

Alenya 84” Sofa

Width: 84"

Height: 38"

Best Features: Track arms - Script print accent pilllows

The Alenya’s extreme affordability may seem like its best selling point, but its high style and comfort are what also make it a customer favorite. Check out the Alenya’s customer reviews to see the high praise for yourself – and why we’re ranking it #1 on this list.

Turdur 84” Sofa

Width: 84"

Height: 38.5"

Best Features: Modern silhouette - Foam fill

Warm, modern and on the lower end of the price spectrum as sofas go, the Turdur makes all other sofas look bad. Features of the timeless design include sleek track arms, a modern silhouette and comfortable foam cushioning.

Best Mid-Century Sofas < $500

Allie Jade 82” Sofa

Width: 81.1"

Height: 33.1"

Best Features: Tufted - Blue color

When you want to create a fun-styled space for less, go to the Allie. Mid-century features are sure to make it stand out in any space. From the tufted backrest to tapered legs to low-maintenance fabric, there’s something to love here for everyone.

Ginger Grey 79” Sofa

Width: 78.7"

Height: 34.3"

Best Features: Versatile size - Tapered legs

One of the great things about the Ginger sofa – and there’s a lot! – is its smaller size. A slender frame coming in at 79” makes it a sort of “large loveseat”: big enough to comfortably lounge in for two and small enough to fit in small living rooms.

Best Velvet Sofas < $700

Fairfax Velvet 90” Sofa

Width: 89.4"

Height: 34.3"

Best Features: Blue velvet - Mid-century style

Blue and velvet go together hand-in-luxurious-hand. In the Fairfax Denim, a rich shade gets treated to rich texture thanks to a thick velvet upholstery. But of course, the real reason it’s made this list is its unbeatable value – and an unending list of customer accolades.

Fairfax Grey Velvet 90” Sofa

Width: 89.4"

Height: 34.3"

Best Features: Versatile color

Just like its blue-hued twin, the Fairfax Grey Velvet 90” Sofa is 90” of pure luxury. The only difference between the two – and the only reason to pick one over the other – comes down to color. Go for the blue for punchier style; go for the Fairfax Grey for a more casual elegance.

Best Convertible Sofas < $600

Paige Sofa Sleeper

Width: 84.6"

Height: 34.6"

Bed Best Features: Split back - 5-position chaise

Be ready to be amazed! If you’re after a convertible sofa but don’t want to spend a fortune, you need the Paige. An elegant color, charming cushions, ultra-comfort and a low price tag are what “makes” the Paige – the fact that it pulls out and transforms into a chaise lounge and bed is just a (very big) bonus.

Petula Convertible Sofa Bed

Width: 83.9"

Height: 34.3"

Best features: Simplistic design - Middle support leg for extra support

The Petula is one of the newer items on our list – but it doesn’t make it any less sweeter. A versatile grey fabric makes it pair well with virtually any color and style of furniture piece; makes a perfect living room companion. (With such a low price, it’s even worth it to buy two – one for the living room, one for the spare room!)

Best Grey Sofas < $400

McDade Graphite

Width: 87"

Height: 38"

Best Features: Accent pattern pillows - Tight-back cushions

Buying furniture doesn’t have to be a pain, and the McDade Graphite 87” Sofa is here to prove it. A light price tag will keep you smiling with purchase – and a chic grey hue, versatile size, track arms and patterned pillows will brighten up your living space.

McDade Ash

Width: 87"

Height: 38"

Best Features: A lighter, more versatile color

Like the graphite version, the McDade Ash has a loyal fanbase who, judging just by the volume of five-star customer reviews, simply can’t get enough. Even if you don’t look at the price (which is hard not to love), the McDade Ash’s versatile color and sleek style are enough to win over even the most hardened of furniture hearts.

Best Foam Sofas < $800

Cypress Foam Sofa

Width: 83" 

Height: 31"

Best Features: Customizable - Dome-shaped arms

Even though the Cypress is on the higher end of the price spectrum for this list, it’s still really, really affordable. Its high value comes from quality construction, materials and easy-to-care for upholstery; but the best thing about it is it’s customizable – so you can make it completely your own.

London 82” Sofa

Width: 81.1"

Height: 33.9"

Best Features: Grid tufting - Beech wood legs

The London Optical Sofa was intentionally designed to be easy to assemble; for anyone who’s ever gone through the pain of assembling a product that was not designed for at-home assembly, this is a huge plus. As for everything else – its chic color, comfy cushions and, most importantly, low price – they’re pretty stellar, too.

Best Reclining Sofa < $700

Malia Power Reclining Sofa

Width: 80"

Height: 40.5"

Best Features: Power recliner - Innerspring foam

Given its extreme affordability and innovative reclining tech, we’re surprised that the Malia isn’t making headlines around the globe. Of course, within our customer base it is a top-seller. Be warned, though: like all the products featured here, the Malia may be gone tomorrow. If you’re after an insanely comfy recliner, grab the Malia while you still can!

Most Affordable

Jacoby 78” Sofa

Width: 78"

Height: 37"

Best Features: Supportive cushions

We recommend you sit down before seeing the price of the Jacoby 78” Sofa; it’s been known to overwhelm (in a good way). To quote some of our favorite reviews left by its purchasers: it’s also “impressive,” “absolutely great” and “amazing!!” – note the two exclamation points!

Linday Park 80” Sofa

Width: 80"

Height: 38"

Best Features: Tufted - Reversible accent pillows

This three-seater is one of the most popular designs not just on this list, but ever. Reasons to buy the Linday: you want classic style, a pop of pattern and a firmer feel. Pair it with the Linday loveseat, accent chair and ottoman – all of which, following the sofa’s example, are affordable – for a refined living room set.

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