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How to Find the Perfect Recliner for a Small Space

Comfortable recliners designed especially for small spaces? Yes, they really do exist – and here’s exactly how to find them!

1. Measure your space.

If you want to know whether your favorite recliner will fit into your small space – you have to measure you space! Using a measure tape, note the dimensions of the perimeter where you plan to put your recliner, and write them down for later reference.

2. Know the recliner dimensions.

Once you’ve measured the area in which you plan to place your recliner, search for small recliners by size – and particularly recliners that, when fully extended, will still allow for at least five inches of space between themselves and any surrounding walls or furniture.

3. Test it out in the store.

Just because you know a recliner will fit in your space, does not automatically make it your best option. Once you have narrowed down your search by size, actually testing out each of your favorite designs in the store will help to make sure you get your most comfortable feel. 

4. Talk to an in-store recliner specialist.

If you have tested and narrowed down your search to two or three recliners but still have questions about material type and features, don’t be afraid to pick the brains of the sales staff. One of the great things about Living Spaces staff members is that they are non-commissioned – and there to help!

5. Use the 3D Room Designer.

Finally, whether you are in the store or online, take advantage of Living Spaces’ free 3D design tool – the 3D Room Designer –, which allows you to create a virtual rendering of your space and see exactly how the styles and sizes of your favorite recliners (and other small space furniture) will fit in!

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