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Teen Hangout Room Ideas

These teen hangout room ideas will be sure to keep the vibe cool, whether you are a teenager – or have one.

1. Lots of Color

Life as a teenager can be hard enough (we’ve all been there)! To make the days a little brighter, throw in splashes of color. For the teen with style: Color is bold, color is energizing, color is good. Color in the lines of a hangout room: Add punch through throw pillows, blankets and rugs. Whether you use this space for game nights, movie-watching or for hanging out with pals, color will keep the energy in the air and smiles on everyone’s faces. Pictured here, crisp white sofas plus a plethora of fun pillows give a youthful, teen-approved feel.

2. Bold Shapes

A teen hangout room shouldn’t look like a boring adult living room – in fact, it should be anything but! Look for furniture with bold patterns, colors and shapes. Here, a pair of orange swivel chairs add a splash of color and a very cool shape that make the space feel distinctly teen. A storage coffee table also makes stashing “hangout things,” like game boards, non-perishable snacks and gaming devices, easy. Also note the cool arch lamp in the back! All in all, it’s the perfect space for a weekend of hanging and lounging (after all the studying is done, of course)!

3. Fringe Art

For the teen with a creative side: A wall filled with artsy decor to inspire! Here, a wall tapestry with flowy fringes gives the space a little bit of femininity. On either side, abstract art makes a bold statement, and below, a cozy couch will make friends and study buddies want to stay forever. (What really seals the deal on this one, though, are the cute throws! Note the small white pillows – plus the cutest round burnt-orange one, on the right. Quality time with the besties just got comfy.) Check out similar pillow designs here.

4. Sunny Decor

Filling up a blank wall is one of the most fun parts of interior design, because the options are virtually limitless. You can go abstract (like the sunburst wall decoration shown above), or clear-as-day with pictures of cute objects and sayings (see these designs for inspiration). You can go big (try wall décor over 25” wide) or small (try wall décor under 15” wide). Or, you can go completely custom: Try an art gallery of framed personal photographs featuring friends and family – or hang up a painting of your own.

5. Lounge

Sometimes, life as a teenager can be hard; other times, it can be a beach. When school’s out for summer and the days are long and lounge-worthy, you’re going to need a bigger sofa. Shown here, a grey sectional takes care of seating for four people – or one person, if you want to sprawl out like a starfish. (And hey, if you want to sprawl out like a starfish, you have our vote; when the sofa’s comfy, finals are over and summer’s just begun, we can’t think of anything we’d rather be doing.) We’re also loving the rad wall art in this fun teen hangout!

6. Pretty & Tailored

You know the sophisticated teenager with a keen sense of style – he or she is always sporting the trendiest hairstyle, OOTD and designer shoes. This tailored lounge is for them. Featuring a round leather ottoman (which also works as a coffee table), a statement sofa with classic pillows and clean hardwood floors, this lounge is so sophisticated, it also works as a “grown-up” living room. In other words, it’s for anyone who’s thirteen going on 40 – in a good way.

7. Casual

If the last hangout was designed for the teen with a sense of style, this one was designed for the teen with a sense of pajamas. In other words, it’s casual. Best for: casual binge-watching on lazy Sundays, casual napping after school, even casual studying if you’re feeling productive (don’t worry – that’ll be the last time we mention studying in this article). All said, everything about this look is super-comfy; from the comfy cushions to the comfy blanket to the comfy rug to the comfy pouf, it’s the kind of look that invites you to “come as you are” – and stay awhile.

8. Beachy

For the teen who’d rather be surfing, a coastal hangout room is a must! He or she will feel right at home surrounded by ocean wall art, coastal succulents, and bright, fresh colors as clean as the ocean air itself. Normally, we wouldn’t condone the lack of rug, but in this case, the au natural look works – and makes it easy to sweep up dirt, dust . . . and the occasional sand, seaweed and seashell. Along the same lines, just make sure that in a room for the beach-loving teen, the furniture fabric is high-performance fabric: high durability, stain-resistant and easy-to-clean!

9. Seat Variety

Friends are a big part of a teenager’s life, so creating a space where friends new and old can hang and make memories is huge. To start, make sure there’s seating enough to go around, and make it fun: This is an exciting time of life, and your habitat should reflect that! Opt for versatile seating choices like benches, stools, chairs and sofas to adapt to small and large parties and different purposes – sofas make more sense for movies and TV-watching, while stools and benches are more for the “huddle around a game board” kind of night.

10. Gaming Essentials

As anyone who is a gamer or knows a gamer knows, gaming is a serious sport, so dedicating a room just for gaming is a given. There’s got to be seating, so that teams of gamers can compete IRL. Make sure it’s comfortable; opt for a deep-seated sectional chaise and throw in bright pillows to keep the morale up. In this media room with wall-to-wall windows, the stereotypical gaming “cave” is turned on its head; Refreshing sunshine floods the room – for a burst of energy to last through marathon tournaments.

11. Boho Bedroom (+ Hangout)

Sometimes, a girl has got to do what she’s got to do, and for the bohemian, that means decorating with animal wall art, hanging plants and wicker furniture. In this boho-inspired bedroom-turned-hangout, a palette of beige, grey and light pink soothes the soul. Thanks to the accent chair, this bedroom feels like it can also be used as a lounge. To make the aesthetic even more hangout-worthy, you can also throw in a pouf, an end-of-bed bench or a second chair. A tasseled pillow, floral-patterned bedding and fringed rug create casual comfort with personality.

12. Daybed, Chair and Ottoman

A room with a daybed can be a bedroom or a hangout, depending on how you look at it. This mostly-white palette creates lightness; It’s the kind of room you go to escape. A dreamy canopy makes the space feel like it’s been touched by some woodland fairy, the perfect fit for the girl who’s always dreaming. It’s also a perfect space for the reader – thanks to the corner chair + ottoman. To tie it all together, layers of pillows and a rug as soft as fine sugar add color and comfort, respectively.

13. Fun Wall Decals

Your teen years come and go in a flash; Love every minute of it with a space that’s undeniably you. Choosing furniture items like chairs, beds and ottomans is one thing, but giving the space an ambiance that’s yours is something that can’t be bought: It’s something you have to have an eye for, and only you can have an eye for it. Don’t be afraid to push limits. Paint a wall in a color that will make Grandma gasp – or better yet, paint a mural. If it makes you smile, it’s probably worth it. You can also try wall decals like the abstract shapes shown here – they come in a variety of colors for every style and are less “permanent” than paint (i.e., they won’t damage your walls).

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