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Five Best Chairs for Studying (+ How to Sit for High Productivity)

The best chairs for studying encourage good posture – because research shows that sitting up straight can improve productivity.

1. The High Back

Studying for hours at a time, it can be easy to slump over, hunch the shoulders and morph the spine into a “C” shape – without even realizing it. While a solid wood high back chair isn’t a quick-fix cure-all for every postural issue you’ve ever had, its supportive, no-nonsense backrest can be a refreshing change for those used to sinking into a chair that yields to your every movement.

2. The Sofa Chair

When it comes to keeping posture, a good sofa chair can be hard to find. Often overstuffed with plush cushions and designed more for looks than feel, they can wreak havoc on your back, especially when poring over textbooks for long periods of time.
So, when you do come across a sofa chair that’s as ergonomic as it is comfy, grab it if you can – and pair it with your favorite study desk!

3. The Rolling Chair

Best for those working in an enclosed space like a home office or library room, a rolling chair lets you roll with the punches, quite literally. Reach for a stack of papers here, a filing cabinet there or a wastebasket there – all in efficient time and without ever leaving your seat. Multitasking never felt so effortless!

4. The Leather Upholstered Chair

There’s nothing classier or comfier than leathery upholstery. The ultra-smooth, buttery-soft feel of hide adds instant luxury – and only gets smoother and softer with age.

5. The Adjustable Armchair

If ergonomics is your main priority, your best bet for study comfort is adjustability.
Gas pumps and side levers let you change the height of the seat and positioning of the backrest, so you can sit back and relax – even with finals around the corner! – without worrying about spinal strain.

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