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13 Kids Dresser Ideas to Complete Their Dream Room

Keeping a kid’s room organized may seem like a losing battle sometimes, but with the right storage options, you can do it. These dresser ideas will help keep their clothes neat and tidy.

1. 6 Drawer Dresser

More drawers mean more organization, so go ahead and get a dresser with extra space for all your child’s clothing.

2. Underbed Storage

Choose a bed with underbed storage drawers and you have a built-in dresser. Use this for out-of-season clothing, or simply use your other storage space for other items.

3. Bulky Item Storage

Have some bigger things that just don’t fit well anywhere else? They can usually be tucked under the bed in drawers. Since the bed drawers are deeper than others, plenty will fit in there.

4. Taller Dresser

If you’re short on space, consider opting for a taller dresser in a child’s room. This gives you the same amount of storage in half the space.

5. Nightstands as Storage

Nightstands aren’t just for odds and ends. They’re the perfect size for keeping underwear, socks, and other small pieces of clothing in a much more compact space.

6. Dressers With Deep Drawers

Regular dressers tend to have relatively shallow drawers, but sometimes you need that extra space. Look for a dresser with some extra deep drawers for those bulkier items you need to store.

7. Bunk Bed Drawers

Doubling up on kids in a room means doubling up on storage, too. You can use a bunk bed to conserve space, but don’t waste the area under it! Look for bunk beds with drawers to maximize storage.

8. Natural Wood Dressers

Looking for the perfect dresser for a child’s room? Consider a classic natural wood finish. It’s something that can be used for nursery and adult bedrooms alike, so it will grow with them.

9. Simple White Furniture

Another option that works well for growing children, or when you have children of different ages in a room, is a white dresser. It’s simple, classy, and goes with any décor.

10. Timeless Designs

If you go for a dresser that has some decorations or a bit of texture, be sure to choose something that works for any age. It may be cute to have the latest cartoon characters on the furniture, but a dresser should last for years.

11. More Drawers

If you have two or more children sharing a dresser, you’ll want to divide things up as much as possible, which means more drawers. Look for taller dressers with plenty of space for everyone to keep their clothes and belongings.

12. Multi-Sized Drawers

Have some jewelry, tiny socks, or other small items that tend to get lost in deep dresser drawers? The simplest way to ensure everything has a place is to look for a dresser with some narrower, shallower drawers at the top. These make it very easy to find everything you’re looking for.

13. No Pull Drawers

Tired of kids pulling off the pulls and handles on their dresser? Invest in a dresser without them and you have something that will work for a very long time without any damage.
Choosing the right dresser for your child’s room takes time, but the perfect storage solution is out there. You just need to find it!

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