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Sleepover Room Ideas for a Fun Slumber Party

There comes a certain age in childhood when the idea of having a friend over for more than a couple hours is new and exciting. If your kids are ready to step up to the plate of entertaining their best buddies, it might be time to start thinking of setting up a sleepover room. For slumber parties, a room dedicated to games, crafts, snacks, meals, late-night movie-watching and other fun slumber party activities makes the hosting easy. Whether it’s just a best friend for a cozy hangout or several friends for a festive bash, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got the space; here, we’re sharing our top four ways to do just that!

1. Activity Station

For a fun-filled evening, bring in the items your kids already love and can share with their friends. Think about the kind of indoor hobbies and activities your child returns to the most after school and on the weekends. Whether painting, drawing, reading, building or making crafts, the itinerary for the night should be planned out and prepared for to help focus the energy (as much as possible)! Set up small tables and poufs where they can set up shop in a comfortable space – set aside just for the kids!

2. Rollaway & Trundle Beds

Sleeping arrangements: a hit or miss when it comes to sleepovers. While dusting off an old cot or laying down a sleeping bag on a hardwood floor might be the traditional sleepover custom, certain customs just aren’t all that comfortable – and the last thing you want is for your guests to lose sleep over a makeshift bed. To ensure comfort, offer a bed for all. The easiest and most affordable way, trundle beds can be stored underneath your child’s regular bed during the day and pulled out for a friend during the night.

Try This Sleepover Activity: Board Games, Video Games, Card Games

Games are always a hit, so bring out board games, card games and video games. Turn a table into a game station and stack up all games for easy access. Best arranged in a separated room like a media room or spare bedroom away from household distractions – because when the competition commences, players are in the zone. Growing, game-intensive kids will need all the fuel they can get, so be sure to leave out bowls of finger food like chips and pretzels as gametime accommodations!

3. Kid Furniture

While the appropriate age depends on a kid’s individual maturity and independence, 10 and up is around the time when most parents feel comfortable allowing their children to attend their first sleepover. To make young guests under the age of 13 feel as comfortable as possible, creating a space that feels a part of their world can’t be stressed enough. Since your child’s own bedroom is already a “kid space,” it’s most likely the room where sleepover attendees will feel most at home.

4. Play Space

If the intention is to host your child and a friend in a spare or guest room for the night, clear out the furniture. The desk, accent chair, bench – all of these are simply obstacles in the minds of kids who want to spread out on the floor playing games all night! If you’re setting up camp in your child’s bedroom, rearrange floor décor so that there is a dedicated area of open floor space. For added comfort, go with a couple of kid-sized poufs, which are low enough to the ground for young guests to easily lounge around in.

Try This Sleepover Activity: Cooking Up a Sweet and Salty Storm

Food is a crowd-pleaser! Try cupcake-decorating, pizza-making, cookie dough-cutting and candy-jewelry-stringing. Just be mindful of timing as it relates to bedtime, especially if the activity involves sugar. For a light post-meal snack, try popcorn to go with a movie. For dessert, nothing’s better than ice cream – except for an ice cream bar with fudge, sprinkles, caramel and every other topping imaginable. If you’re in need of ideas for the actual dinner, switch out ice cream bar for nacho bar, sandwich bar or taco bar!

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