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3 Safe Bunk Bed Alternatives

Are you looking for a new twist to jazz up your children's room, dorm or even a vacation home? Bunk beds are a great way to conserve space in a small area, but they aren't the only style you should consider. If you want some fresh and clever ways to create a functional and charming bedroom, try one of these.
Bunk beds provide a safe and efficent way to sleep two people in one room, but if you're looking to deviate away from the traditional bunk aesthetic, there are alternatives. Keep reading for our top shared bedroom looks.

Loft Beds

One of the most versatile ways to get the most out of your space is with a loft bed. These beds are elevated on supports to create a usable space underneath. If you are lacking storage, a loft bed is a marvelous solution. You can fill the area with cupboards and shelves, or stack your things behind a curtain to hide any unsightly mess! Another handy use is to create a work area with a desk and computer. Kids' rooms can be transformed with a loft bed. They naturally form a place to play and organize all of their toys into one area. You can at least attempt to contain the mess! Crafty kids can also use the area as their own little studio.

Loft beds make the perfect place to design your own little hideaway. Do you love to read? Choose a comfy chair or some cushions and add some shelves to fill with your favorite books. You can even use it as a quiet space to journal or meditate! Make the area more private by hanging a colorful tapestry over the opening. Even better, string some fairy lights for a magical place to daydream or tell stories.

Do you have a dog or cat that hates to be parted from you? Give them their very own bedroom! Under your loft bed is an awesome place to situate your pet with their own bed and toys. You can both rest easy when you know that the other is close.

Two Twins

When you need to sleep two people in one bedroom, you can't go wrong with two Twins. One of the standard configurations is to put both headboards against the same wall. You can separate them by a nightstand or a tall dresser for greater storage space and privacy. If that layout seems a little too boring, you can definitely mix it up a little.

Try arranging both Twin beds along the same wall. Position them head-to-head or foot-to-foot. If there's room, put a chair or dresser in between them.

Another excellent way to organize a bedroom with two Twins is to form an L-shape along two adjacent walls. Use the corner to place a tall lamp or even a chair.

Trundle Beds

The trundle bed is a favorite for maximizing small spaces. This handy bed design secrets a second mattress beneath a standard bed frame. It can be pulled out when needed and neatly tucked away when it is not in use.

This two-in-one bed is a fantastic solution for guest rooms. You can provide a comfortable place for two people to sleep but still tuck away the spare bed each morning to give your guests more room.

It's also a wonderful solution for children's rooms. Storing the bed during the day gives your kids more floor space to play and keeps the room from looking and feeling overly crowded. Trundle beds are a favorite of children, since they are outstanding for sleepovers! The close proximity is made for sharing secrets and giggles long into the night.

You don't have to sacrifice style or taste when you're working with a small bedroom or room for two. There are so many options that can be both gorgeous and practical. Get creative and let your imagination run wild!

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Bunk Bed Alternatives

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