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16 Teenage Wall Art Ideas

If you’re 16 going on 17 (give or take), these teen wall décor ideas are for you. Get inspired by art, wallpaper and backgrounds to help create a little bit of style attitude – and whole lot of coolness – in your bedroom space.

1. Animal Designs

Animals are always a hit, so grab a print or 10 of your teen’s favorite furry creatures and hang them on the wall. If you want something a little edgier, pick black and white designs.

2. Succulents

Greenery is a great way to perk up a bedroom, but most plants aren’t well-suited to a teen’s lifestyle. Succulents look great, and they’re hardy enough to put up with neglect.

3. Beach-Inspired

Who doesn’t love the beach? Beach-themed art and knickknacks are a fun way to turn a regular room into a carefree space. Don’t stop with a picture of the beach on the wall; add sculptures and a collection of sea glass or seashells for an extra special feel.

4. Retro Is In

Everything old is new, and today’s teens are loving the retro vibes of the 80s and 90s, as well as previous decades. Retro prints make a fun addition to a vintage-themed space.

5. Metal Art

Skip the paintings and go straight for a beautiful metal piece to hang on your teen’s bedroom wall. A simple sculpture can add a lot of character.

6. Line Art

Simplicity is key when your teen has a minimalistic style, and line art is perfect for that. Basic lines can convey an image and look amazing on a wall.

7. Summer Inspiration

Dreaming of warmer weather? Make it permanently sunny in your teen’s room with a sun print, particularly an oversized one that makes its own feature wall.

8. Add Texture

Forget boring flat art and go for something 3D. From wall sculptures to textured paintings, these add a special touch to that special room.

9. Space Art

Many kids are obsessed with space, so bring it into the bedroom. Framed zodiac prints, planet charts, and other space-themed wall art work well for the teenage room.

10. Go Abstract

Just because they’re young doesn’t mean teens can’t enjoy a nice piece of abstract art. Try selecting a piece of art and then building the room’s color theme around it.

11. Art in the Round

Circles make great art, whether they’re wall sculptures, round mirrors, or even paintings of circles. This type of circular art can be mild or bold to suit your teen’s aesthetic.

12. Word Art

Word posters have always been a thing, but with word art, you can take it up a notch. Use fun sayings in chalkboard lettering, combine multiple pieces to create a “look,” and use framed options to make word art classy again.

13. Wildlife Ideas

You can’t go wrong with a forest-themed space for a teen. Wild animals and leaves can be very calming décor. Just look for something unique to make their room special.

14. Look Around the World

Tribal art and art pieces with international inspiration can be a great way to give your teen some nice wall art while also introducing a global element to their space.

15. Going Southwest

Have a kid who loves all things Southwest? From native designs and cacti to soft colors and simple décor, this is the perfect choice for a teen who would rather be in Arizona.

16. Planetarium-Inspired

When it comes to space, it’s all fascinating, but focusing on the moon and planets can help you narrow down the décor for your space-lover.

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