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How to Pick the Right Reclining Sectional

Here’s how to choose the best, most comfortable reclining sectional for you and your space!

1. Determine Whether You Want a Power Reclining Sectional or Manual Reclining Sectional.

There are two types of reclining sectionals: power and manual. In a power reclining sectional, all motion mechanisms are power-operated; reclining is as simple as pushing a button (usually located on the side of the sectional’s arm). In a manual reclining sectional, all reclining mechanisms are activated by the pull of a lever.

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2. Choose a Reclining Sectional Style.

Sectional color, upholstery type and even base type (is it held up by sleek contemporary legs, or does the base rest directly on the floor?) can all impact the overall style of your reclining sectional, as well as your living room as a whole. When it comes to sectionals, your best fit is the one that makes you feel right at home – even if you haven’t yet left the store!

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3. Configure Your Reclining Sectional.

Some reclining sectionals offer modular components, which means they are made up of individual pieces that can be detached and rearranged, allowing you to create a truly customized sectional that best fits your space. Common modular pieces to choose from include a left-arm facing chaise (a chaise that sits on the reclining sectional’s left side), a right-arm facing chaise (a chaise that sits on the reclining sectional’s right side), an open-ended chaise (a chaise that can sit on either side of the reclining sectional) and more.

4. Opt for High-Tech Features for Your Reclining Sectional.

Many options for reclining sectionals, and reclining furniture in general, now come with USB ports, wireless remotes, adjustable headrests and other high-tech features – making it easier than ever to lounge comfortably and conveniently.

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