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What Is the Best Upholstery Type for My Recliner? (+ the 10 Best Recliners)

If you have been researching the best upholstery for your recliner, you may have noticed four popular material types that keep popping up over and over again: 100% leather, fabric, polyurethane and high performance fabric. Here, we have laid out the basic differences between each material type and exactly how they work to deliver their own unique – and completely comfortable – reclining experience.

For Longevity: 100% Leather.

If you want longevity, choose one in 100% leather. The natural finish of a genuine leather reclining chair  offers a buttery-smooth feel designed to last for more than a decade – and in which you will want to lounge for hours at a time.

For soft, cozy comfort: Fabric. 

While requiring a bit more maintenance than leather, fabric recliners are still generally easy to clean – and a favorite upholstery choice for one simple reason: they are comfortable. Soft, cozy and slow to absorb heat, quality tight-weave fabric will turn any piece into the plushest, most inviting place to rest.

For unbeatable value: Polyurethane. 

A synthetic material resembling genuine leather in look and feel, polyurethane offers a soft, smooth texture. A recliner made with polyurethane upholstery over deep comfort cushioning is designed to deliver the same feeling of luxurious comfort as a piece made from leather or natural upholstery – but for a fraction of the cost.   

For kids and pets: High Performance Fabric.

If you are worried about spills and messes from kids and pets, go with a high performance fabric recliner. Soft and thick – yet breathable – and resistant to stains, high performance fabric is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to bring easy-to-clean comfort into the living room.    

Top-Rated Recliners - The Official List

The best recliners of the year, customer-rated and reviewed!

Best All-Around Recliners

Weight capacity: 275 lbs.
Weight: 110.2 lbs.
Best features: Easy to clean - Supportive cushioning
One of our most-reviewed recliners and top-rated power recliners, the Connie has it all: power tech, an affordable price tag, full-recline position and ultra-soft upholstery available in several colors. What truly makes the Connie a cult favorite, though, is its back cushioning – somehow, it finds the perfect balance between ‘cozy’ and ‘supportive.’

Real Review for the Connie Recliner

“Excellent chair that doesn't take up too much space, is incredibly comfortable to sit in and isn't overly loud when raising or lowering, at a great price point. I have a very specific amount of room the chair could go into, and was pleased to find one that wasn't too wide for my little writer's nook. Very happy with the chair so far!” - Cliff Hicks

Weight capacity: 330 lbs.
Weight: 132 lbs.
Best features: - Swivel - High weight capacity
Packing highly-durable fabric, full-recline settings, swivel gliding for easy transitions and a spacious seating area, the Hercules is bang for your buck. Plus, it comes with high-density foam cushions, so you can recharge – in full comfort and support.

Real Review for the Hercules Recliner

“I bought the Hercules grey recliner after reading all of the reviews, I love it, it is a smaller recliner, but works really well in my space. It is easy to operate, easy assembly. It is very comfortable, and I love the fabric which looks and feels like leather. Overall I am really happy with this chair, I may order another so I will have two matching chairs!” - minouchette

Best Recliners for Sleeping

Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
Weight: 104.7 lbs.
Best features: - Delicate tufting - Leather

Here’s another customer favorite – and for good reason. Featuring soft upholstery, smooth push back operation, a delicate tufted feel and contrast framing (for style), the Daniel is a tour de force when it comes to comfort. Use it to snooze for 20 minutes or three hours. Either way, the Daniel’s got your back.

Real Review for the Daniel Recliner

“We had been looking for a stylish leather recliner that wouldn’t take up too much space in our small condo for a long time - this one is pretty much an exact replica of a recliner from West Elm but half the price!! So impressed with the quality, comfort, and delivery experience. Do yourself a favor and buy this chair!” - Jess D

Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
Weight: 108 lbs.
Best features: Tight cushions - Adjustable headrest
Those looking to offset back pain will appreciate the Amala’s tight construction – there’s no ‘sinking in’ here. The luxury leather, foot extension and full-reclining mechanism all work to provide supportive comfort.

Real Review for the Amala Recliner

“Went to the store to give this chair a test sit and paid for them before leaving the store. The chair is more comfortable than I had hoped, better looking, and very well-made. The leather is supple and durable. The chairs recline by degrees while lifting the disceetly-placed lever. They swivel. The headrests move both forward and up/down. Knew if I bought only one, the husband would be sitting in it so purchased for each of us with footstools. They look great from all perspectives in our room, they are incredibly comfortable and functional. We are extremely satisfied with our purchase. Living Spaces personnel were helpful, the chairs were delivered EXACTLY when promised. I was also impressed at the variety of furnishing items on display at their Irvine store, so will return when we furnish the guest room.” - Useumlots

Best Glider Recliner

Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
Weight: 101.5 lbs.
Best features: Customizable upholstery
Luxe fabric gives the Mari’s supportive seating a singularly sophisticated look. The design also features a classic wingback design and swivel gliding base for an enjoyable lounging experience. But the real reason the Mari has remained a customer favorite for so long has to do with its feel: comfy but supportive and incredibly luxurious.

Real Review for the Mari Recliner

“We love our new glider/recliner! We know we will be spending lots of time in it feeding baby, so we were looking for something stylish, comfortable, and great quality. This definitely hit all the marks for us. We also loved that we were able to customize the color as well and didn't have to go with something generic-looking. It shipped out sooner than expected, which was a bonus. And it fits perfectly in our nursery!”- Heather Sebald

Best Recliners for Back Pain

Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
Weight: 118.2 lbs.
Best features: Custom lumbar support - USB
A triple threat if there ever was one, the Bridget comes with three power motion features: Headrest, Recline, and Lumbar – designed to target neck, full body, and lower back support, respectively. Not to mention, it’s built with a USB port for extra tech savvy.

Real Review for the Bridget Recliner

“The slim design and sleek look is what attracted both my husband and I. The added lumbar feature, as well as the headrest feature, were added bonuses. The chair is very comfortable and complements our room. Another feature is that the controls have lights and are very easy to operate. The chair glides into whatever position you desire. This recliner has all the features we were looking for and then some! Very happy with this purchase.” - LucyB

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
Weight: 102.5 lbs.
Best features: Tight cushions - Adjustable lumbar
Those looking to offset back pain will appreciate the Dev’s tight construction – there’s no ‘sinking in’ here. The luxury leather, foot extension and full-reclining mechanism all work to provide supportive comfort.

Real Review for the Dev Power Recliner

"It is always hard to make a change, especially when you are talking about a recliner. I was very hesitant, even though my old chair was partially broken and uncomfortable in some spots. After doing several reviews, I finally went to Living Spaces and was pleasantly surprised to find not only the recliner that I had reviewed but a great collection on many like recliners. Of course, I had to sit in them all and actually after many "sit-ins" decided on a chair that was different than the one I had reviewed online. The best part, I did not have to wait on the chair to be delivered, I just went to the warehouse and there it was. They loaded and I was on my way to a day in my recliner." - Krewdad

Best Rocker Recliner

Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
Weight: 96 lbs.
Best features: Adjustable headrest - Soothing rocker motion
Combining foam, incredibly soft upholstery and a soothing rocker feature, the Dale maximizes comfort – at a great value. While not a ‘nursery recliner’ per se, customers appreciate its gentle motions, often purchasing it with babies in mind.

Real Review for the Dale Recliner

“Bought this for my wife because she was looking for a rocker/recliner. She's 9 months pregnant and plans on spending a lot of time in the chair with our little one. We looked at many options for her, but really love how sleek/slim this chair is compared to the more traditional rocking chairs or Lazy-Boy-style chairs. We got the one with power recline and it includes a USB outlet which is just icing on the cake. It's extremely comfortable and easy to assemble. We're extremely happy with this purchase and really happy we found a chair we immediately fell in love with once we saw/sat in it. Highly recommend!” - xtnvieira

Best Leather Recliner

Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
Weight: 130 lbs.
Best features: USB - Power recliner
Luxe leather gives the Moana’s supportive seating a singularly sophisticated look. The design also features a handsome blue finish and USB charging port for an enjoyable lounging experience. But the real reason the Moana has remained a customer favorite for so long has to do with its feel: buttery-soft and incredibly luxurious.

Best Power Recliner

Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
Weight: 127 lbs.
Best features: Comfort padding - Spacious seat
With just the touch of a button – literally – the Kristen opens the portal to custom relaxation. With its signature padded armrests and a variety of positions to choose from, it’s no wonder this powerhouse of a recliner gets so much customer love.

Real Review for the Kristen Recliner

“Very comfortable chair. Soft, high quality leather with a somewhat firm (in a good way) seat. Responsive buttons for raising and lowering the leg rest. The seat is wide enough for a grown man to sit cross legged if the need arises. Has a really clean, contemporary look to it. The ratchet headrest is a fantastic feature - looks great with it up or down. If I had more space, I'd pick up another one immediately.” - goodvibes777

Best Power Recliner With Heat and Massage

Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
Weight: 126.8 lbs.
Best features: Heat - Massage
Stay warm and cozy with the Serena’s built-in heating pad and luxury massage setting. (Or don’t. Opt out of this bestselling, highly-reviewed luxury chair that comes with the most buttery-smooth upholstery, power reclining tech, extended footrests and USB ports; walk away from what locals dub “heaven in a chair” so that there’s more for the rest of us!)

Real Review for the Serena Recliner

“Beautiful and amazing comfort! And the lumbar support is over the top.” - BreezinAZ

Best Recliner for the Money

Weight capacity: 275 lbs.

Weight: 110.2 lbs.

Best features: Adjustable headrest - Neutral hue

Once again, we’re calling out the Connie because it’s just that good. Featuring soft upholstery, foam cushioning and easy to clean (like high performance!) fabric, the Connie offers reclining like you’ve always dreamed of – all for less than the cost of a few grocery runs.


Real Review for the Connie Recliner

“After shopping several stores for my husband's recliner, we came back to Living Spaces for this one. He sat in lots of chairs, trust me! But this one fit him perfectly and it's wonderful having the seat and the USB port. The delivery people were wonderful and even moved the old recliner for us. A great experience all around. And very happy with the recliner.” - pilotc

Best-Looking Recliner

Weight capacity: 300 lbs.

Weight: 130 lbs.

Best features: Rocker - Neutral hue

This is the second product we’re highlighting twice, and for good reason. The Moana is a model of comfort and aesthetics: clean-lined without feeling harsh, its soft, curvaceous outline lends gentility, while that soothing taupe color makes any room feel as fresh and stylish as ever.

Real Review for the Moana Recliner

“I recently purchased the Moana recliner and loveseat as a Christmas gift for my son & daughter-in-law. They have worked tirelessly on remodeling their home on a limited budget due to a cutback of their jobs because of COVID. We all looked at the furniture in Living Spaces and I knew how much they loved it ....... So, as a surprise I decided to give it to them for Christmas. This was a small payback for all they do for us!!! They just love it and I couldn’t be more thrilled for such a wonderful family! We all love Living Spaces!!! It IS the best furniture store !!!” - Jean

Best Modern Recliner

Weight capacity: 2350 lbs.

Weight: 108 lbs.

Best features: Swivel - Wood sides

Yet another repeat: the Amala, a master class in mid-century modern if there ever was one. Use the design’s chic wood panels, subtle tufting and matching ottoman to make guests hate you out of jealousy (in a good way) and love you for the comfort it provides.

Real Review for the Amala Recliner

“I love the look of this chair recliner & ottoman. Was hesitant at first because sometimes the more modern styles aren't as comfortable as traditional styles, but this one is perfect! Bonus: It fits my moderate room size without crowding the space. Surprises: Return swivel that spins back in place when you leave the chair, and headrest has a few levels of movement forward and back -- so if you sit in it and you feel curled forward at first, just push headrest forward to release and ratchet it back a couple positions, then recline slightly.” - Lounger

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