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What Is the Best Upholstery Type for My Recliner?

If you have been researching the best upholstery for your recliner, you may have noticed four popular material types that keep popping up over and over again: 100% leather, fabric, polyurethane and high performance fabric. Here, we have laid out the basic differences between each material type and exactly how they work to deliver their own unique – and completely comfortable – reclining experience.

For Longevity: 100% Leather.

If you want longevity, choose one in 100% leather. The natural finish of a genuine leather reclining chair  offers a buttery-smooth feel designed to last for more than a decade – and in which you will want to lounge for hours at a time.
leather upholstery type for recliner

For soft, cozy comfort: Fabric. 

While requiring a bit more maintenance than leather, fabric recliners are still generally easy to clean – and a favorite upholstery choice for one simple reason: they are comfortable. Soft, cozy and slow to absorb heat, quality tight-weave fabric will turn any piece into the plushest, most inviting place to rest.

For unbeatable value: Polyurethane. 

A synthetic material resembling genuine leather in look and feel, polyurethane offers a soft, smooth texture. A recliner made with polyurethane upholstery over deep comfort cushioning is designed to deliver the same feeling of luxurious comfort as a piece made from leather or natural upholstery – but for a fraction of the cost.   

For kids and pets: High Performance Fabric.

If you are worried about spills and messes from kids and pets, go with a high performance fabric recliner. Soft and thick – yet breathable – and resistant to stains, high performance fabric is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to bring easy-to-clean comfort into the living room.    

upholstery recliner with high performance fabric

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