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How to Light a Gas Fire Pit: 5 Safety Tips

Setting up a warm space where you can roast s’mores or entertain guests is a great way to answer the call of the wild. Easy to use and maintain, gas fire pits are popular for backyard hosting. To help you create the perfect scene, here are tips on exactly how to light a gas fire pit – and keep the space a safe one.

Safety Tip #1: Never Leave a Lit Pit Unattended.

While fire pits are built for the outdoors, sometimes all it takes is one strong gust of wind blowing the wrong way to make enclosed flames dangerous. Never leave a lit fire pit unattended.

Safety Tip #2: Unless It’s Made for Cooking, Don’t Cook With a Fire Pit.

Most fire pits aren’t designed to be barbecues. Unless it was specifically designed for cooking, don’t cook with one.

Safety Tip #3: Inspect the Enclosure Before Use.

Always inspect the fire pit before lighting it, as loose leaves and other dry items can easily fall into the enclosure.

Safety Tip #4: Don’t Place a Pit Near a Children’s Play Area.

Never let children play around a fire pit. When accidents happen, the last thing you want are gas and flames nearby.

Safety Tip #5: Always Have a Fire Extinguisher Nearby.

For extra security, keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Make sure you know how to use it in an emergency.

How to Light a Gas Fire Pit – Match-Lit

The most common fire pits are match-lit, which means a match is required for lighting. Here’s how to light one:

  1. Hold the match over the gas jet. Hold the match over the gas jet in the center of the fire pit. (Starting in the center will help the flames spread evenly and more safely.)
  2. Light the match. Lighting the match before you turn on the gas is critical, as it prevents the gas from spreading around the enclosure.
  3. Turn the propane adjuster. Turn it slowly and by small increments, until the flames reach the size you want.

How to Light a Gas Fire Pit – Spark Ignition

Another type of gas fire pit is the spark ignition, which does not require the use of a match. Light these types by turning the gas valve and pushing the spark igniter button. When starting up a fire pit for the first time, always turn the gas valve just a tad – you can always turn it up higher once the flames are lit.

Lighting a gas fire pit, whether a propane spark ignition or match-lit fire pit, requires precaution. Safe handling of ignitions will help ensure your fire pit makes entertaining guests outdoors enjoyable.

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