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Outdoor Firepit Ideas to Turn Up the Heat

Firepit ideas that are just as hot as the firepits themselves? Gather ‘round and get your s’mores ready – you’re in for a treat!

1. The Circular Firepit

Circular firepits make it easier to gather ‘round – literally!

You don’t need corners to have a good time – so cut them out altogether with a round firepit. The bonus: less corners means more room for gathering ‘round.

2. The Aluminum Pit

Sleek & sturdy.

Modern and ultra-versatile, an aluminum firepit is the perfect way to sleek backyard style. Plus, it’s not as weighty as cement – making it easier to move and place come party time.

Once you’ve found the perfect firepit for your outdoor living space, entertaining during the colder months is a breeze. Before buying, though, make sure to take into account the firepit’s size. This will help make sure your new firepit will provide enough space for the number of chairs you plan to place around it – plus give you an idea of how it will look/fit into your backyard.

The good news? Firepits aren’t all created equal. So, get your skewers and marshmallows ready – because there’s a size and style just waiting to warm up your outdoor living space!

3. The Concrete Firepit

Cement your style.

Cool concrete + modern glass…this industrial pairing brings sharp style to any outdoor space. Not to mention: of all the firepit materials to choose from, concrete is the heaviest and most durable – ensuring this design will last for years to come.

4. The Dining Table Firepit

Feast by the fireside.

In terms of saving space (and money), it doesn’t get much better than a 2-in-1 design. Use it to serve dinner, roast marshmallows – or both!

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