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Fire Pit Chair Ideas

Fire pits are a perfect way to gather outside with family and friends, stay warm and enjoy roasting marshmallows, have a cocktail after dinner, or tell scary stories. Your fire pit can be an extension of your outdoor living area or can be a small retreat to let you enjoy the fresh air. Our fire pit chair ideas are flexible enough for you to personalize and allow you to double your evening firepit area as a morning coffee spot to watch the sunrise.

Your Living Room, Outdoors

Combining large, deep outdoor armchairs with an outdoor couch, all settled around a coffee table-sized fire pit, evokes warmth and gentleness for spending time in intimate company. Add some outdoor throw pillows for extra comfort around the straight arms of the chair and couch, and a throw to accent the warm appearance and keep cozy even on chilly nights. The firepit here has a slimmer lip, perfect foor small décor or resting a glass.

Snuggle With S'mores

Nothing says fun by the firepit more than making smores with friends and family. Sit together on an outdoor sofa, or pull up a couple of cubed seats to toast marshmallows. Choose a fire pit with a large enough lip to rest your treats on, and add some warm throws to your chairs and couch to make the evening cozy and welcoming.


These colored Adirondack-style chairs paired with the ceramic tile wall and accents give your firepit a beachside feel. It's easy to imagine you're on the coast of Greece or on a beach in Mexico with the blue and white, paired with handpainted tiles and pebbles instead of grass or a patio underneath. The deep firepit, with a large clay tile lip, completes the ocean-inspired look. Style with a complementing throw and pillows, and don't forget to add candles in glass mosaic holders for fun, festive magic.

Rustic Wood For a Campside Feel

We love Adirondack-style outdoor chairs, and these stained wooden ones are perfect for the more rustic firepit setting. It's hard to find a great firepit chair, comfortable and sturdy, that matches an actual pit in the ground, but this is a real winner. The paving stones help keep the chairs level and add a more rustic touch to this non-traditional patio setting. The best part? The chairs can fold for easy storage!

Modern Neutral Tones

Le the firepit take center stage with neutral colors in your chairs and outdoor accessories. We like the clean, modern look of this fire pit, with the small coals and raised glass frame, and the thicker lip allows you and your guests to rest a small plate or glass on it. The chairs here are designed with a thick, weather-friendly plastic, crafted to resemble wicker, and the squared-off shapes for the back, seat, and sides echo the squared-off dimensions of the firepit. Add small, square side tables alongside the chairs to complete the look.

Angles and Clean Lines

The deep armchairs are perfect for curling up in, with thick arms and legs, and the clean, square lines complement the squared-off firepit. The protective glass improves safety and adds another geometric element to the vignette. When choosing a heavier firepit chair or one with legs, check your placement first since uneven landscaping can make the chairs unsteady. Style these with different colored outdoor-friendly throw pillows. You can have an assortment for a fast, inexpensive makeover of your fire pit area.

Glam Cocktail Service

We love bringing the inside out with this elegant, modern drink cart and sectional sofa. Putting a couch around the firepit encourages people to sit closer and bond, or it can be the perfect place for a catnap for one. The elevated firepit and large lip allow you to rest a drink or snack on it, creating an ideal hors d'oeuvres setting.

Al Fresco Dining

The elevated firepit surrounded by bar-height chairs and a table is perfect for al fresco dining. The armless chairs are easy to get in and out of, with an ergonomic wicker back and comfortable pillow for seating. Enjoy the warmth of the fire over dinner or coffee, or remove the chairs to have the table act as a buffet, with the chairs to the side for larger gatherings. Or, add some lounge chair styles with the same wicker structure and comfy pillows to create a flow from dining to relaxing.

Choosing the Right Firepit Chair

The most important thing is flame retardant material when choosing firepit chairs and any other furniture you want for your fire pit patio area. Make sure that everything you decorate your seating arrangement with is also fire-retardant, from the pillows to throws, and be careful what kind of décor you place around the area.

A sturdy frame is also essential, both for safety and comfort. It's easier to relax in a chair that's supportive when you move. Look for chairs with a deep seating area, too, which allows you to curl up if you get chilly. Finally, choose weather-proof materials, as well. A lot of outdoor furniture is made from plastic that's fade-resistant and waterproof, able to withstand rain and sun both.

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