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What Is a Mattress Set?

Mattress sets exist to make mattress-shopping a breeze. Each product comes with both a mattress and matching foundation. When you buy a mattress set, it’s a one-and-done deal; everything already comes pre-curated in one simple package.

What Is a Mattress Set?

A mattress set includes a mattress and foundation. Foundations in these sets range in sizes, so before purchasing a mattress set, make sure the included foundation matches your size preference!

Sizes of sets include the ‘mattress + low-foundation base,’ which is ideal for those who prefer a bed closer to the floor, and the ‘mattress + high-profile foundation,’ which is ideal for those who prefer a raised bed.

Why Choose a Set?

Since your new mattress purchase will most likely also be requiring a new foundation purchase, choosing a set is cost- and time-effective. It also ensures that, for whichever mattress you ultimately decide is the best fit for you, you’re getting the best base to go with it.

Mattress sets come in every size, from Twin to Eastern King. Choose one to fit your bed, and get ready for many great nights’ sleeps ahead!

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