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Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Mattress at the Revive Sleep Center

When you’re shopping for a mattress, the journey is just as important as the destination. That’s why the Revive Sleep Center focuses on providing a seamless experience, so you can bring home a mattress that helps you sleep better tonight and wake up revived tomorrow.

Where Should You Buy a Mattress?

Staffed with helpful sleep experts, and carrying a wide selection of top-reviewed brands, including Beautyrest, Revive, Serta and Comfort, the best place to buy a mattress is the Revive Sleep Center!

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You’ve had it with your mattress. But you’re also overwhelmed by the prospect of shopping for a new one, because it can be stressful and confusing. Not at the Revive Sleep Center. We keep things simple and transparent with our streamlined selection of top brands, our non-commissioned team of sleep experts and our helpful tools, which are designed to pair you with the perfect mattress. Need more reasons to get your mattress here? Below are the top five.

1. Because you want plenty of options to choose from

We believe one mattress brand, support type and comfort level does not fit all, so we have a variety of designs to accommodate the variety of ways people sleep. In addition to curating a line of the best options from top mattress brands – including Tempur-Pedic, Beautyrest and Stearns & Foster – we offer guaranteed lowest prices with our 30-day price match policy. We even add in extra perks when you order select brands, from a $300 Living Spaces shopping spree to free delivery.

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2. Because you want a bed-in-a-box mattress

We agree that bed-in-a-box mattresses are one of the most convenient options out there. That’s why we created our own in-house line of Revive r1, r2 and h2 memory foam and hybrid designs. Not only are these free to ship, they’re easy to unpack and come with a superior 20-year warranty. Since we’re all about variety, we also have plush, medium and firm models – all of which are made in the USA, and all of which are offered at unbeatable prices.

3. Because you want to order your mattress online

Many people prefer to do their shopping online, and who can blame them? You can get what you want, from wherever you want, whenever you want, so we’ve optimized our website to make it easy for you to order your mattress online. You can take our 60-second sleep quiz, which helps you find the right mattress in just a minute. You can also use our filters to narrow down a wide selection to the perfect mattress option, and you can refer to our mattress icons, which make sense of the features that each mattress offers.

4. Because you want to try before you buy

For every person that prefers to shop for mattresses online, there are others who would rather visit a store to touch, see and experience it in person. Revive Sleep Centers are located inside of every Living Spaces store, so you can try before you buy. There are dedicated, non-commissioned sleep experts who are there for the sole purpose of helping you find the right mattress. They take you through a three-step rest test and narrow down a showroom of options to one perfect design for you.

5. Because you want to wake up revived tomorrow

At the end of the day, what you really want is to sleep better, so you wake up a healthy, productive go-getter. The right mattress is key, but you also need a full sleep solution, which you can find at the Revive Sleep Center. From adjustable power bases that allow you to position your bed for optimal comfort and relief, to box spring foundations, pillows, mattress protectors and sheets, we have it all. We also keep our finger on the pulse of the latest technology to give you access to the best possible sleep.

 Why Choose a Revive Mattress? 

From cooling gel foam to innovative individually-wrapped coils, Revive mattresses work all night long to keep you comfortable and supported. 

Comfort + Support

Each Revive mattress is crafted to bring you the kind of responsive comfort that will last through the night, keeping you supported and asleep. Here are a few of the ways Revive accomplishes this. 

  • Eco-Flex HD Foam: Revive mattresses are made with Eco-Flex HD Foam, a type of memory foam designed with higher density for longer lasting comfort and support. Revive foam is also Certi-Pur certified for healthy and eco-friendly sleep 
  • Supportive Coil System: Hybrid and innerspring mattresses by Revive are designed with high-quality coil systems designed for targeted, responsive support. Some Revive mattresses also feature a Caliber Edge Wrapped Coil System of individually-wrapped coils for virtually eliminated motion transfer between sleepers. 
  • Tri-Zoned Foam Encasement Design: Featured in Revive Series 4, 5 and 6, a specially formulated foam edge helps to keep the edges of the mattress from sagging – and provides extra lumbar support to help reduce aches and pains. 

Cooling Tech

If you're looking for cooling comfort, Revive's got it. Here are a couple of the ways Revive mattresses work to keep you cool and comfortable. 

  • CoolTouch GEL Memory Foam: CoolTouch GEL Memory Foam is not your typical memory foam. Packed with heat-dispersing gel and infused with ventilated, open-cell passageways, CoolTouch brings 12x more breathable comfort than other nationally-advertised memory foam products. 
  • Cool Bounce Copper Gel: Revive mattresses with Cool Bounce Copper Gel infuse ventilated foam layers with the science of copper gel – for heat-dispersion and lasting support. 

Direct Contact Design

Thanks to Revive's unique 'surface gel,' you can experience all the cooling and contour benefits of gel foam from the moment you come in contact with it; look for Revive mattresses featuring Direct Contact Design for ultimate deep sleep results. 

What Is a Revive Innerspring Mattress?

Revive innerspring mattresses combine the classic comfort of innersprings with Revive’s innovative gel support technology. 

What Goes Into a Revive Innerspring Mattress?

Revive innerspring mattresses will often feature one of three types of innersprings: 

  • Series Wrapped Coil System: A system of innersprings in which each coil is individually wrapped in a thin fabric, the Series Wrapped Coil System is designed to prevent motion transfer (meaning that your mattress is less likely to “move” or “bounce” around). 
  • VertiCoil: A Revive mattress with a VertiCoil System features innersprings that are shaped like squares – which makes them fit together more easily while delivering high amounts of durability and support. 
  • Bonnell Coil System: Using innersprings shaped like hourglasses, Bonnell is one of the most classic and affordable options for innerspring mattresses. 

While each of these coil systems works along with Revive memory foam (see below) to deliver unbeatable comfort and support, please note that only the wrapped coil systems are compatible with adjustable bases. 

Along with innersprings, Revive innerspring mattresses also feature layers of comfort foams and gel: 

  • Tri-zoned foam encasement: To help prevent sagging edges, Revive has designed a foam encasement system specifically targeting the perimeter of a mattress. 
  • CoolTouch GEL Memory Foam: If you prefer the feel of innersprings but tend to sleep too hot, consider a Revive innerspring mattress with CoolTouch GEL Memory Foam, featuring open-cell technology that breathes – and keeps cool – even during the stuffiest of nights. 
  • Eco-Flex HD Foam: Made of high-density and high conforming (and Certi-Pur certified) foam, the Eco-Flex HD Foam combines with Revive innersprings to deliver sleep comfort like no other. 

So, there you have it – just a few of the most popular comfort and support systems that make Revive innerspring mattresses so dreamy! 

Is a Revive Hybrid Mattress Right for Me?

Depending on the comfort level, a Revive hybrid mattress might be right for you if you sleep on your back. Learn all about it here! 

Who is the Best Type of Sleeper for Revive Hybrid Mattresses?

When deciding on the best mattress type for your sleep preferences, it can be common to focus on the material type – innerspring, memory foam or hybrid. Material type, however, has actually less to do with how a mattress feels to you than does the comfort level it contains. Revive hybrid mattresses generally offer more of a “balanced” comfort-support ratio compared to mattresses made with only innerspring or only memory foam, which makes them the top choice of those who prefer to sleep on their backs. (Because it naturally evenly distributes body weight, sleeping on the back, unlike sleeping on the side or stomach, requires neither “extra” support nor “extra” comfort.) 

Choosing a Revive Hybrid Mattress for a Back Sleeper

But if you are indeed a back sleeper, be aware that Revive hybrid mattresses aren’t one-size-fits-all! Because of comfort levels, one hybrid Revive mattress may offer more support than another; when shopping for a new Revive hybrid mattress, look for words like “firm,” “plush,” and “medium,” – all of which can affect how a Revive hybrid mattress feels to you. The key to knowing whether or not you’re choosing the best Revive hybrid? Try out all three comfort levels in-store yourself. 

The Final Verdict

Still not sure? If all three feel equally as comfortable or you’re having a hard time deciding between two, then your safest bet is to go with medium – the middle point between plush and firm. 

Is a Revive Memory Foam Mattress Right for Me?

A Revive memory foam mattress isn’t made of your ordinary memory foam. Learn what makes it stand out from the rest. 

What is inside a Revive Memory Foam Mattress – and how it can help you sleep better.

Revive brings a blend of quality materials designed for dreamy sleep. Here are a few of their most powerful sleep techs: 

  • Cooling graphite memory foam, memory foam made with graphite – a mineral found abundantly in nature coveted for its cooling and temperature-regulating qualities; featured in Revive’s newest r1+ and r2+ bed-in-a-box mattresses. 
  • Certi-PUR-US certified foam: Also featured in the new r1+ and r2+ designs, Certi-PUR-US-certified memory foam ensures a safe sleeping environment (and specifically, one free of heavy metals such as mercury and lead). 
  • Tri-zoned foam encasement design. While many memory foam mattresses mold to your shape with enveloping, down-like comfort, they also tend to sag easily. To help prevent this, Revive incorporates the innovative tri-zoned foam encasement design – made with a supportive edge and enhanced back support. 
  • Supportive direct contact design, crafted with swirl gel, placed on the topmost surface layer so that it comes into direct contact with your body for unbelievably conforming comfort. 
  • Increased Airflow from AirSpacer, designed to maximize breathability, keep moisture at bay and create an overall cooler sleeping environment. 

Compared to their innerspring and hybrid counterparts, Revive memory foam mattresses deliver the highest levels of contouring; though anyone who prefers the slow-moving memory foam feel will be drawn to it, Revive memory foam is especially beneficial for those who sleep on their sides. (The softer support provides much-needed “give” for hip and shoulder joints.)

Revive FAQ: How Do I Find the Warranty Info and Owner's Manual for My Adjustable Base?

You can view and/or print the Revive Adjustable Base owner's manual and warranty information here

Top Revive Mattress Reviews - to Help You Choose the Best Mattress for You

Customer Reviews: Revive Series 4 Mattress

"Great quality for the price. Very comfy. Would buy again." - Zoe R
"Not too soft or hard. Good price and delivery went well." -BrendaJ
"Good value for the price. Not too thick so you don't need extra deep sheets." - Palm Springs House

Customer Reviews: Revive Series 5 Mattress

"Very comfy mattress and sturdy; our two year old loves it!" - MeganRC
"Super comfortable deluxe mattress. Delivered the next day. Could not be happier with purchase." - Sunny in SD
"Great mattress, very comfortable. Seems it would be more expensive with how great it is. Only took a night or two for my body to adjust to it." - Jennifer N

Customer Reviews: Revive Gel Springs Mattress

"Nice mattress with a thicker than standard height. great mattress for the price." - M Tom
"Super comfy and not too pricey! I like this mattress a lot." - Sheri S
"No regrets. Our son needed a bed for his super small room. This one fits in the space and he is comfortable. He’s around 6 feet tall and this bed works for him." - monroviangirl

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