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Do You Need a Box Spring with a Memory Foam Mattress?

A memory foam mattress may require a box spring depending on the slats of your bed, and other factors. Learn more here.

Why do I need support for a memory foam mattress?

Without the proper foundation, a memory foam mattress can lose its shape over time. As a result, the qualities that make it strong and supportive – the qualities designed to help keep your spine aligned and in good posture throughout the night – will diminish, making for a bed that can cause stress, discomfort and even pain.

What types of box springs can you use with a memory foam mattress?

So, your new memory foam mattress needs a sturdy foundation – but what kind of foundation is best, and exactly how “sturdy” does it need to be? The simple way to tell which mattress foundation will work best for your memory foam mattress is by how many slats the foundation (or box spring) contains. A mattress foundation with five or less slats will not be enough to support a memory foam mattress, even if you are planning on placing the foundation on top of a bed frame. Instead, look to pair your memory foam mattress with a foundation that has six or more slats, spaced seven or less inches apart. If you prefer to pass up the traditional box spring with slats for a bunky board or solid foundation, that is also perfectly fine for a memory foam mattress.

When does a memory foam mattress require a box spring?

If your bed is of the platform variety (has six slats or more), then the bed itself will be strong enough to serve as a foundation and support the mattress on its own. If your bed is a panel bed and/or features only five slats or less, than you will need an additional box spring or other foundation to support the mattress.

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