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Best Mattresses for Back Pain

If you experience back pain when sleeping, it may be time for a new mattress. Before you buy, though, get informed on which mattresses are best for relieving back pain to help kick discomfort to the curb – and ensure a great night’s sleep once and for all.

Why Does My Back Pain Flare Up at Night?

Back pain is caused by aggravated nerves, which can often occur because of bad postures and stiff sleeping positions. If your back pain is causing you to wake up multiple times throughout the night, or if you wake up in the morning with a painful or stiff back, the problem could be an old, sagging and/or hard mattress.

What Are the Best Mattresses for Back Pain?

While you should always talk to your doctor about the source of and treatments for your back pain, ensuring your mattress offers the proper amounts of support and comfort can go a long way in helping to reduce pressure and encourage proper spinal alignment.

1. Tempur Pro Breeze Medium Hybrid 

The ergonomic properties of the luxurious TEMPUR foam, found in the Tempur Pro Breeze Medium Hybrid, are undeniable. The innovative sleep technology, which was designed originally for the ensured support of NASA astronauts, now comes with three unique layers for targeted comfort and pressure relief: a cooling surface, an advanced comfort layer and a weight-distributing support layer. Plus, the Tempur Pro also meets the compatibility requirements for use with an adjustable base, so that you can add even more orthopedic pressure-relief through customized elevation.

2. Revive r2 with Medium Firm Comfort Level

In the Revive r2 Medium, a surface layer of copper gel over a core of gel and high-density memory foam balances soft comfort and strong support to deliver spine alignment and pressure relief. Back sleepers especially will appreciate the contouring benefits of Revive’s signature open cell gel foam, which offers enough dense cushioning to allow the spine and joints to relax and gently sink in – instead of tensing up and caving in.

3. Revive Gel Springs with Firm Comfort Level

The Gel Springs Firm by Revive offers a slightly higher firmness level than is commonly recommended for back pain sufferers; while many people find the most comfort in an equal balance of cushioning and support, there are those for whom high firmness levels offer more soothing pressure relief – and the Revive Gel Springs Firm is for them. Crafted with highly dense supportive gel foam, the Revive Gel Springs delivers a long-lasting hold specifically designed to target lumbar aches and pains.

revive gel mattress

Choosing the Best Mattress for You

While the above recommendations are based on the supportive and pressure-relieving properties of today’s sleep technologies – designed to help soothe spinal aches and pains – your best mattress comes down to how it feels to you. While doing research is key to narrowing down your search and understanding the mattress options available on the market today, nothing beats actually trying out the mattress in the store.

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