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9 Small Dining Room Ideas That Serve Up Style

Making the most out of any room is the key to creating a space that's both comfortable for you and welcoming to your guests. One of the most important rooms for entertaining or winding down after a long day is the dining room. Here are nine ideas to best utilize even the smallest of dining spaces!

1. Folding for Space

Going with a dining room table with foldable sections allows for easy transitioning between morning coffee and an evening dinner party. Extra chairs can be stored away or used in other parts of the house when you only need seating for one or two.

2. Round Tables

The ultimate star for small spaces, round tables are easy to navigate around so you aren't bumping into everything when it's time to bring food to the table. The round top also lets you create the perfect spread for big breakfasts or party trays of appetizers.

3. Wall Space

If your dining room is used more as a cozy nook to enjoy your morning coffee before starting the day, try placing the table up against a wall to create as much space as possible. Pair this strategy with a folding table to have the best of both worlds. You won't have to sacrifice your cozy breakfast corner but can still entertain guests when the time comes.

4. Counter Seating

Counterspace is one of the most sought-after features in any kitchen. It's extra room to cook, prepare ingredients and even eat from. Getting barstools or other seating to go against the counter helps create an additional eating surface that you can also use to entertain while you cook. Everyone enjoys dinner and a show and guests won't feel left out while you prepare the meal.

5. Space-Giving Mirrors

One issue small dining rooms can run into is a lack of windows that serve to open up the room a bit. Mirrors are the perfect solution for these situations. They reflect light to brighten up the space while creating a visual escape from the surrounding walls.

6. Built-In Storage

Storage is often limited in the kitchen and dining room. Between dinnerware, mixing bowls, cooking gadgets and storage containers, the cupboards and countertops can fill up quickly. A table and even chairs that have additional storage in the form of shelving and baskets built directly into them utilize space that would otherwise be wasted. While that isn't always a bad thing, small dining rooms definitely see immense benefit to leveraging this extra room.

7. Nesting Table & Bench

Table and chair combinations that are able to be stored together not only have aesthetic appeal but allow for optimal use of a small dining area, especially when placed against the walls. Every table has chairs that can be pushed in but nesting tables opt for benches instead that, when pushed in, fit seamlessly beneath the table to minimize how much space they take up.

8. Compact Chairs

Breaking away from tradition is an important factor in getting the most out of small spaces. One of the most popular approaches to this is going with compact chairs. This doesn't mean small or short chairs but instead chairs that don't take up more space than they need to and can be stored with each other more easily.

9. Extra Height

Can't spread out? Do what cities do and build up! High top tables and chairs create space to store belongings below. High top chairs also tend to be better fitted to push in and reduce their impact on the rest of the room when not in use. You can even put the chairs away as the table is the perfect height for standing around and socializing.

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