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14 Back Deck Ideas

Long nights spent on the back deck surrounded by loved ones are finally becoming a reality once again! Prepare your perfect patio with these 14 ideas for styling and accessorizing.

1. Throw Blankets and Pillows

Maximizing comfort is key for giving yourself and guests the best time outside as possible. With the biggest concern of patio furniture being how cozy you can get, throw blankets and pillows can turn your deck into the best lounge space on the block.

2. Elevated Planters

Integrating plants into your back deck setup can help your entire backyard feel more cohesive. By adding a splash of green mixed in with bold blacks and shimmering metals, you can enjoy lavish furnishings without feeling removed from nature.

3. Metal Candle Holders

Staggered sizing of similar decorations is an easy way to fill a space. One of the most aesthetically pleasing options is a set of metal candle holders that provide a lovely flicker of light without losing that outdoor look.

4. Outdoor Dinnerware

Unless you're out camping in the woods, you'll want to be able to present guests with s'mores and snacks on great-looking plates and dishes. Ditch the paper plates and you'll cut down on waste as you elevate your back deck experience.

5. Drum End Tables

Whether you're looking for somewhere to place decorations or need more surface area for drinks, round end tables are a stylish and practical solution. These tables can also be used for impromptu ottomans when it's time to kick back.

6. Open-Face Candle Holders

Opening up your candle holder is both a style and access improvement that makes replacing and extinguishing the flames easier than ever.

7. Candle Cages

Truly a statement piece, going with a metal cage to hold your candles is a game-changer. The square openings obstruct the view of the candle, making the light seem as if it's floating within the cage.

8. High-Top Tables and Chairs

High top tables sets are a great option for cookouts and grill sessions, as they give you and your guests a separate staging and dining area. This allows for food to be enjoyed as it's ready without disrupting the flow of the party.

9. Simple, Light and Functional Sets

Less truly is more when it comes to creating the ideal back deck without losing sight of the fact that you're meant to be enjoying the outdoors. Stick to the fundamentals of seating and table access.

10. Lounge Chairs

You don't have to be by the pool in order to stretch out and soak up the sun. The adjustable backs of lounge chairs accommodate all levels of relaxation and you can adorn each one with a throw pillow to up the aesthetic factor.

11. Mix and Match Patterns

Rugs, throw pillows, towels and fabrics can all have their own colors and patterns.; catch the eye with a patterned area rug that leads to stunning designs on the furniture all in one smooth motion.

12. Café Tables

Perfect for smaller decks or patio nooks, café tables are a more intimate high-top option that caters more towards warm drinks in the morning to get that boost of vitamin D before you start your day.

13. Hanging Chair Cozy Corner

Take the childhood fun of swings and combine it with the comfort of plush cushions to create your own personal nest for reading, napping or just getting some fresh air.

14. Mixed Materials

Pairing wood, metal and wicker in various fashions can let you create different color palettes without busting out the paint; you'll be able to achieve your dream design using the natural beauty of these materials.

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Back Deck Ideas

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