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14 No-Grass Modern Backyard Ideas

Do you have a backyard without grass? Whether you’ve decided to skip the lawn mowing or just haven’t managed to get anything to grow, here are some great ways to create a fun backyard space with alternative (non-grass) decor.

1. Faux Grass

Skip the lawn mowing and watering with faux grass; it’s easy to lay out and adds plenty of bright green to the space. It’s also nicer for your feet and can be a great place to let your children play. (Also consider adding a few plant pots with kid-friendly plants for extra interest!)

2. Rocks

Gravel comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes – choose from white, gray, or black. Opt for rounded gravel if you want to walk on it, but note that if you’re only using gravel alongside paths for decoration, crushed rock, which is sharper, can suffice.

3. Stone Floor

Flat stone pieces can be laid out to create a level surface where you can set up your outdoor furniture. Add a table or firepit and you can enjoy get-togethers with friends and family in the backyard.

4. Rug on Tile

If you have a tiled patio area in the backyard, try softening it up with an outdoor rug. This can add some color to the space and makes it easier to walk around barefoot.

5. Area Rug

Outdoor area rugs can be used over any flat surface or even faux grass to give you a nice place to hang out in the fresh air. Pick a rug with plenty of color to enhance the space.

6. Tile

If you don’t plan to use grass, go ahead and create a wood-tiled backyard. This creates a lovely area to host outdoor gatherings, allow children to ride their bikes, or just set up an outdoor living room.

7. Concrete

When you pour concrete over the entire backyard, you never need to worry about weeds again. Concrete gives you a nice area to set up an outdoor container garden or host barbeques.

8. Coated Concrete

It’s a good idea to coat your concrete backyard to help it resist water and prevent damage over time; it's also easy, as coating can be poured on and spread out in a simple process for concrete protection.

9. Tiled Concrete

Tiled concrete will give you a unique look that can be set with mortar, or you may prefer to grow moss or grass between the tiles. Add a swing chair or an arbor to really get the most from your space.

10. Rug Over Tiled Concrete

If you choose tiled concrete, you can make it look even more interesting by throwing a rug or two down on a sunny day. You can also choose an outdoor rug that can be left out for the summer.

11. Rug Over Concrete

Any type of concrete will be cold and hard, even if it’s beautifully done. You can enhance a full outdoor living room set by laying out a colorful rug.

12. Dirt

There’s nothing wrong with leaving your backyard as dirt if you like it. Just plant some flowers around the edges and add a lounge chair or two. You may even choose to put an above-ground pool in for some leisure time.

13. Brick

Brick can be laid in a wide variety of patterns to create a truly beautiful backyard. Herringbone or checkered patterns can add extra interest to the area.

14. Container Garden

Whatever you choose to do for the base of your backyard, don’t forget to add plants. These can be set up in wooden or ceramic pots around the yard to give you a green space that is cooler and more relaxing.

No grass, no problem. Get started on any one of these ideas today to take your backyard space from drab to fab!

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