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11 Cute Condo Living Room Ideas

Creating a sense of flow in a cramped condo living room can be tricky, but with these 11 space-saving, modern ideas, you'll have plenty of room for entertaining without crowding the space. Looks inspired by nature, such as stained wood and glass, pair well with a more industrial style, with heavy metal furniture frames and metal lamps. When decorating your condo, finding pieces that combine form, function, and storage is the key.

1. Nesting Side Tables

Nesting side tables can expand to give you more space in a small conversation nook. Pull the tables out for extra space for food and drinks, then nest them back again after your company leaves.

2. Small Cubes

Add small cube seating underneath a side table for extra seating options. Make sure to measure the cube seating and your table for a perfect fit. You can also purchase cube seating with a lift-off lid for additional storage inside the cubes.

3. Glass Tables

Glass-topped tables can open up the space, allowing light to reflect through. A large glass-topped coffee table gives you plenty of surface space without making a smaller room feel overcrowded.

4. Buffet Side Table

A buffet-style side table with cabinets and drawers provides extra storage without filling up the room. Use a cabinet as both a side table and storage for games, extra blankets, or anything else you need while still giving the space a clean, uncluttered appearance.

5. Comfortable Office Chair

This comfortable, mid-century modern office-style chair is perfect for a space that's a dual purpose of work-from-home and entertaining. It's large enough to sit comfortably during the workday but stylish enough to complement an overall modern design

6. Desk + Chair

Combine the industrial appeal of metal furniture with natural stained wood. This writing desk and chair set's straight lines and dark metal are softened by the stained natural wood and desktop accessories inspired by the outdoors. The solid gold lamp is an accent piece that adds a flair to the overall look.

7. Metal Lamps

Metal lamps and accessories are functional and impressive as statement pieces. Plus, the reflective metal adds more light to a room than other types of light finishes. Opt for a large, geometric table lamp or free-standing lamp to add interest to your living room design.

8. Loft Styles

Loft styles, with exposed brick and hardwood floors, work well with mid-century modern, masculine décor. Rich leather and stained wood make this space feel more luxurious, and the supple leather softens the wood and metal of the furniture frames.

9. Tray Table

Enjoy dinner and a show from the comfort of your condo living room with this tray-inlaid coffee table. When not in use, the tray fits neatly into the surface of the coffee table and can expand when you want to eat or to use as a surface for your laptop when working from home. This feature is perfect in homes where space is at a premium.

10. Slim Profiles

Comfortable chairs don't have to have oversized frames. When decorating in a smaller condo living room, opt for furniture with a slimmer profile, allowing you to have room to move around without over-filling the space with bulkier furniture. This metal-framed chair has large, full cushions and is cozy without being over-large.

11. Live Plants

Live plants and dramatic, tall wood candleholders add a softness and romance to this small living room. A plush, stuffed couch can dominate the space, but adding a coffee table and end tables with sleek, slim lines and made from wood and metal elevate the couch and the room overall.
Mixing different materials for your condo's living room adds interest and depth. When you choose styles with clean lines and a minimalist look, you reduce the impression of the space feeling cramped. Creative storage solutions are also a popular decoration trend. Opting for coffee and end tables with glass tops instead of wood, metal, or fabric also helps make a smaller room look bigger.

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