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Rental Refresh: 10 Stylish Apartment Decorating Tips

The limitations of rental apartment living don’t have to limit the possibilities of rental apartment decorating. Take it from us, you can still channel your style and add color, texture and pattern without making any permanent changes. You even have the opportunity to get creative and ensure every room feels unique and special. Follow along for 10 must-read tips that will turn your temporary house into a home you’ll want to live in forever.

1. Shelf Help

You may be dealing with temporary bedroom walls, but they can still be a wow factor. The easiest way to make them sing is to add shelving. By installing an open shelf above your bed, you can bring on the fun and flair. Add art, plants, books, the works and see how your space instantly comes to life.

2. Mirror Image

As far as renter-friendly wall decor goes, one of the most simple and beneficial things you can do is hang a mirror. Besides being chic and timeless, mirrors help make any room feel bigger, which is particularly valuable in spatially-challenged apartments. The best part is that you can choose from a variety of shapes, styles and frames to find a design for your space.

3. Art and Soul

When it comes to truly transformative rental decor ideas, we’ve got a trick up our sleeve that will change everything. Art is the ultimate game-changer, because you can hang it anywhere to add personality and vitality. Framed or canvas, graphic or abstract, prints or paintings, there’s an option that will elevate your setting.

4. Pillow Power

Sometimes, all it takes to fix an ugly apartment is the right decor. While you can’t change things like flooring, countertops or fixtures, you do have control over all of the layers. What do we mean by layers, you ask? Pieces like pillows, which are easy and inexpensive solutions for enhancing the look and feel of any space.

5. Go Green

In a do-it-yourself rental, there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to what you can do with your balcony or patio. That’s why we’re all about bringing the outside in. Houseplants are an apartment-dweller’s best friend because they add life and natural beauty. Whether you go big and make your space an indoor jungle, or keep it simple with a few low-maintenance greens, there’s plenty of potential to go a little wild.

6. Statement Storage

Decorating a rental apartment takes a little bit of imagination and requires pieces that mix flair and function. Because every nook and cranny counts, you need to add storage wherever and however you can. But you can’t forget about style. Cabinets with helpful features and beautiful design elements are right on the money.

7. Curtain Call

Apartment upgrades that will give you the most bang for your buck include dressing up your windows. Showing them a little love won’t only help you control the light that floods into your space, it’ll frame what act as the eyes of your home. Fortunately, curtains are also a budget-friendly way to add color, print and excitement.

8. Hats Off

Brainstorming ideas on how to upgrade your rental apartment means thinking outside of the box, especially when you’re working within the confines of a tight budget. Bringing your own touch to the place can be as easy as turning everyday accessories into elevated decor. Case in point: Your hats as an artful wall installation. It’s simple, on-trend and adds fresh style.

9. Light it Up

If you’re wondering how to transform a rental apartment, we’ve got a bright idea. The right lighting can make a world of difference, especially in a smaller space that needs all that jazz and more. From table lamps to floor lamps, it doesn’t take much to enhance your room. Plus, there are an array of designs to choose from, allowing you to find something that fits your taste.

10. Bookcase in Point

There are many ways to make an outdated apartment look modern, but one of our favorites is to bring in bookcases that feel like built-ins. There’s a sense of luxury that comes with built-in cabinetry, and you can easily achieve that in your space. Bookshelves are not only practical for storing your essentials, they showcase your interests and hobbies by providing a presentation of your collections.

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