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7 Space-Maximizing Ideas That Turn Your Townhouse Into Home

When asked what is a townhouse, it’s important to start defining it by outlining the pros and cons of townhouse living. As a single family home that shares one or more walls with other independently-owned units, townhouses are susceptible to some noise pollution. They also represent a mix of independent and shared responsibilities, so things like trash removal and snow plowing are not your problem, but your rooftop, exterior color and even mailbox type are not necessarily completely up to you. 

A townhouse design can also be short on space, so we’ve come up with 7 ideas that will maximize and revitalize every room. After you implement these solutions, we guarantee that your townhouse will start to feel like home.


1. Add a Sofa Bed

Making any room sleepable brings instant value by giving it an additional function beyond its intended purpose. Thankfully, a sofa bed is an easy way to transform any space, so it can provide seating during the day and a soft place for guests to rest at night. There are even designs with different mattress options for superior comfort.

2. Add a Lift-Top Coffee Table

As the center of your living room, a coffee table can either make or break your space. A lift-top coffee table will actually elevate it by allowing you to do a little bit of everything. Want to work comfortably? Eat in front of the TV? Fold clothes easily? Lift-top designs let you do it all thanks to a surface that reaches the perfect height.

3. Add a Desk

If your townhouse design doesn’t have the space for a dedicated office, you can use a desk to designate your inspiration destination. Just be sure to consider the style of your room, so you can choose a design that looks consistent and cohesive with the rest of the furnishings in there. As for your seat, a chic side chair is the perfect option to blend in.

4. Add Storage

No matter what kind of house you live in, you can’t deny that storage, storage, storage is the ultimate necessity. If you have a small townhouse that lacks closet space or a bedroom without an area for a dresser or chest, the perfect solution is a storage bed. Drawers built into the frame allow you to conveniently hide away sheets, shoes and extra clothes.

5. Circle Back

You can create a warm, cozy intimate dining setting in your townhouse by opting for a round table over a square or rectangle one. Not only does it save space, the absence of sharp corners makes for a perfectly family-friendly design. Everyone will love gathering around for breakfast, lunch and dinner, especially with light and airy chairs.

6. Treasure Island

Townhouse interior designs historically have kitchens that are on the smaller side, and when you’re missing counter and storage space, the best way to add it in is through a kitchen island. They not only give you prep space for making meals, they provide room for utensils and essentials. With drawers and shelves, you also get easy access to everything you need.

7. Define Your Entryway

In a modern townhouse, you want a place where you can drop off and pick up all of the essentials you can’t leave your home without. Since there’s probably not enough space for an entire mudroom, you can bring in an entryway bench or table to serve as a landing for everything.

Modern Townhouses + Modern Townhouse Design

Townhouses have a distinct look architecturally from the outside, and the same can be said for the inside. From higher ceilings and a taller, narrower interior, these types of homes hold high potential for contemporary style. Whether you spruce it up through light, bright, trendy-colored rugs, sweeping, sheer drapes or sleek, geometric sofas and accent chairs, just make sure to infuse your favorite colors and designs for style bursting with personality! Despite the name, modern style of designs hold a timeless aesthetic, for any era and for years to come; buy pieces in these looks to create a home living space you’ll love and never grow out of.

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