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6 Ways to Make an Impression with Your Entryway

We all know that first impressions are everything, and the best way to make a good one in your home is with your entryway. Think of it as a golden opportunity to introduce your guests to your style. This is where everyone will get a taste of your taste, whether it’s casual or formal, modern or traditional, eclectic or minimal. From choosing the focal piece of furniture, to accessorizing with space-defining accents, we’re sharing 6 ways to design your entryway.

1. The Trendy Way

If you pride yourself on keeping up with the latest looks, your entryway should reflect how in style you are. Capture what’s fashionable with geometric accents, pops of pastels and faux plants that liven things up. The perfect platform for it all? A linear console that combines materials for a display that’s fresh, clean and inviting.

2. The Artsy Way

Sometimes you can express a lot with a little, which is precisely why an entryway that’s sparsely styled can be surprisingly bold. The secret to success is choosing accessories that are large in scale and unique in look. From a statement sculpture, to a textural art piece, distinction can be achieved with just a few things.

3. The Minimalist Way

Start with a striking foundation that brings architectural allure and contrasting texture. Add a simple yet totally of-the-moment round mirror. Then, sprinkle in a couple of carefully selected accessories for a very au courant look. Shapely candlesticks, a small planter and terra cotta vase are all it takes.

4. The Bartender’s Way

For an entryway that everyone can really get on board with, try a bar! After all, who wouldn’t love being greeted with a drink while they drink in the vibe of your home? Stock yours with beloved bottles, essentials for cocktails and serveware that serves up a good time. Top it off with accents that help hint at your signature style.

5. The Lush Way

Make your entryway a getaway. Welcome your guests to paradise with an oasis-inspired display that’s rich with green and blue hues and easy, breezy accessories. You can craft the ultimate escape by incorporating natural materials like wood and rattan. Throw in a tropical palm tree for good measure, and everyone will be instantly transported.

6. The Edgy Way 

Dark tones, sharp lines and graphic accents create an entryway moment with an edge. Sophisticated and modern, a presentation like this shows guests that you’re daring enough to take risks. You can ground your display with a sleek, industrial console table that mixes materials.

Entryway Wall Art Ideas

The perfect entryway will have a spacious and open feel, a welcoming table or chair – and a dash of refreshing wall art. Choose colors that make your space come alive to help your guests feel the enthusiasm when they walk in. Art of natural scenery is the perfect way to merge outside with the in, reflecting the purpose of an entryway to begin with!

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