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Basket Storage Ideas for Stylish Organization

These basket storage ideas will ‘wicker’ the clutter away – we promise.

Do put all your eggs in one.

A good storage basket is like the ‘quiet-yet-loyal’ one in your group of friends. She doesn’t demand a lot of attention – but you know she’s got your back. She’s always there to carry your things when your hands are full. When you’re late and rushing out the door, she’s standing by calmly with your purse and shoes – and isn’t offended when you hurriedly snatch them from her hands. In short, she’s a keeper; it’s safe to say life would be so much more stressfully disorganized without her!

A tisket, a tasket.

Check out the trio of baskets (below). There’s just something about the slightly different sizing – the smallest one sandwiched between the two bigger ones – that infuses the spaces with so much character. (Plus, the storage is multiplied trifold – making it that much easier to clear away clutter!)

Weave it to storage.

In this charming girl’s bedroom (below), chubby woven baskets provide chic storage, while the thick texture adds a playful pop of pattern.

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Baskin’ in the sun.

A fruit basket may the most overplayed gift don’t gift it. Use a chic basket to store fresh-picked fruit from your backyard tree (if you should be so blessed) and keep it to yourself!

Wicker away.

A wicker basket is always a classic. It’s natural color goes with everything, and it pretty much wrote the book on decorative texture. Use these lightweight designs to store anything from knickknacks to throw blankets.

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Basket hall.

If your hallways and entryways feel like they’re missing something, it’s probably a basket. Slide one under a console table for a quiet, flattering way to store your ‘out-the-door’ necessities.

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