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Abstract Art Ideas to Take Your Style to the Next Level

These abstract art ideas will take your style for a spin (or a splatter, or a brushstroke….you get the idea).

1. Focalize

Center attention with a big, bold statement piece.

2. Contrast.

For balanced energy, go yin yang with colors, shapes and pattens.

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3. Multiply

The more the merrier! A row of abstract art creates soothing movement and further draws the eye.

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4. Color

Live a little through your art! Abstract brushstrokes in punchy colors will heat up any space.

5. Energize.

Look for paintings that mimic motions like wind, rainfall, or river streams.
An abstract isn’t just a thing grad students use to summarize their theses; it’s also a type of home decor that’s effortlessly bold and cool. It’s an art form that’s not really of anything – except whatever you perceive it to be. It’s at once simple and complex, linear and curved, peaceful and vivid, realistic and dreamlike. It can add storied and varied meanings to your home, or simply serve as ‘pretty aesthetic’ and nothing more. It is, finally, yours. The moment you bring it into your home and ascribe to it your interpretation, it simultaneously dies and is reborn as its own original masterpiece, unique to itself (and, for that reason, invaluable).

Intrigued? You should be, as intrigue is the essence of abstract art! Like Alice’s rabbit hole or some sort of enchanted mirror, abstract art contains within it layers – which often don’t reveal themselves all at once. And, like that perfect dress or pair of shoes you happened to catch a glimpse of through a store window in passing, the perfect abstract for your home can’t be planned or decided on – you’ll simply know it when you see it.
Watch: An Artist's Take on Incorporating Abstract Art into the Home

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