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How to Choose a Wall Mirror

Not loving the current look of your walls? Whether they’re too bland, too dated or too cluttered with assorted decor, your walls could be giving off all the wrong vibes. One easy solution is to incorporate the perfect wall mirror.

All About Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors represent just one type of mirror, yet they’re the most common and versatile of the bunch. These mirrors hang on walls using not much more than screws and anchors – simple hardware that lets you position wall mirrors anywhere you choose.

How Do You Pick the Right Size?

The size of mirror you select depends on its intended function. If you want the mirror to act as the main feature, make sure it's large enough to act as the showpiece. Extra large mirrors reflect more of the room, making them ideal for both illumination and the illusion of space. And if you're looking for a mirror to accompany decor, select a smaller mirror that accentuates without overpowering.

How Do You Pick the Right Shape?

If you've ever walked into a room, noticed a heart-shaped mirror and instantly felt more relaxed, you've experienced the way that mirror shape can define spaces. When you pick a wall mirror, think about the ambiance of the room and the role your mirror will play.

If you want the room to feel grandiose, lean toward horizontal mirrors that add the illusion of length or vertical mirrors that create extra height. Square or rectangular mirrors have distinct angles that help define a classic or traditional style, while round mirrors add softness. Others, such as stars, diamonds, sunbursts, collages and geometric shapes, bring an inherently modern vibe.

How Do You Pick the Right Style?

More often than not, the frame – or lack thereof – is what sets the style. Ornate or eclectic frames define and highlight mirrors as showpieces, while frameless mirrors give subtle elegance to the entire room. Even the framing materials can influence style, with wood mirrors seen as more rustic and natural, gilt finish more luxurious, glass more sleek and modern, and metal more edgy and industrial.

Tips for Decorating Your Space

You can use wall mirrors as a focal point, to complement existing decor, to make the room appear larger, and to brighten a gloomy space by reflecting natural light.
  • On a large wall, place two rectangular mirrors side by side.
  • Create a feature wall with a set of mirrors, each with a different design.
  • Open up a dark passage with a series of stacked frameless mirrors.
  • Add instant depth with large mirrors on opposite walls.
  • In a room with too many straight lines, choose an oval mirror with elaborate frame.
Wall mirrors are versatile and easy to install. Once you see how well they update your space, you'll wonder why you didn't add them sooner.

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