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6 Bunk Bed Ideas for a Seriously Cool Room

Combining classic rules from interior design expertise with youth-centric trends and colors, these bunk bed ideas are ideal for teens, tweens, and kids bedrooms alike.
The sleekness of a thin metal frame brings a fresh, light look (while providing heavy-duty support). Rounding out the corners, a curved silhouette softens up the sterile feel that can sometimes come with metal. (Combined with soft bed linens, layered with throw pillows, quilts, shams and blankets, that old-fashioned “sterile” feel is thrown out the window, replaced by a cozy and modern statement.)
Plushies, dolls, toys, games, books, shoes, clothes, school bags and sports stuff — these are the objects that come with being a kid. One room, often, shared — this is the space that comes with being a kid. Between the objects and space, there’s hardly any room for storage, until you look to the drawers under this awesome bunk bed. Making clever use of space, it’s a design appreciated by parents and kids alike.

Grey Bunk Beds for Sleepovers

3. Bunk Bed Stairs
Parents of younger children might opt for this stair design over a ladder, which makes climbing easier and safer for those learning to use a bunk bed for the first time. Another reason for the love here: each step doubles as storage space, featuring a built-in drawer design that makes keeping organized a breeze.

Brown Shades for Bunk Rooms

Over-the-bed floating shelves add the element of decor to bunk bed style. Secure one or two on the wall space above the top bunk to show off a book or toy collection. For readers, having books close by to pull from as they clock in for the night creates a feeling of calmness and safety. For kids who prefer a plush in their hands, a row of plushies on a floating shelf by their side creates a similar feel of calmness and safety.

Black Bunk Bed Designs

5. Minimalist Bunk Bed With Ladder
This minimalist style bunk bed swaps stairs for a ladder, best for older kids and teens or guest rooms. Ladder options are the most popular style for bunk beds and come in two main designs: leaning against the bed (meeting the floor at a slight angle) and running parallel to the bed (built into the bed).
6. Clean & White Modern Bunk Beds
Clean and white bunk bed frames are a moment: their brightening prowess brings that “just-made-over” energy to a space, no matter how long ago the makeover actually took place. In this simple and easy kids’ room, the simple colors, minimalist decor touches and neat layers of fabrics make it easy to feel at home from the start.

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