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Two Beds in One Room: Twin Layout Ideas

You love them – that part's easy – but finding furniture that can stand up to years of fort-building, climbing, jumping, and playing pretend? Well, that can be a little tougher: but it's not impossible! Here's what to look for when choosing furniture that won't flinch away from little hands or not-so-little paws.
While you'll obviously want to select Twin beds with age-appropriate features for your child, consider opting for a durable material, such as metal Twin beds, or wooden Twin beds. Both of these types of beds are built to stay strong, even if your child is prone to dramatic flopping in protest of bedtime. Smooth, non-porous surfaces are also easy to sanitize: simply wipe clean as needed, or when changing linens. Using underbed storage bins can help keep both junior and fido from hiding toys and treats away from the reach of parental eyes or the vacuum.
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Helpful Hint: Both kids and pets tend to wiggle, jump, and bounce, which means that the legs of your furniture could end up doing a number on floors over time. Try sliding a bumper, cushion, or similar protective sleeve over the legs of their bed(s) to prevent scuff marks and keep everything from slipping and sliding. Cushions or bumpers placed behind the headboard will also help prevent scuffs and dents in the wall.

Perfect Pair

Side-by-side Twin beds aren't just an attractive choice for room layout, they also allow two occupants to carve out their own personal space. The addition of a shared bedside table or short dresser increases functionality and storage; it also allows for ideal lamp, humidifier, fan, or nightlight placement. Choosing identical beds also helps standardize setup, from floor space measurements to decor palette-matching. That ease makes creating (or redoing!) a Twin bedroom both easy and fun.

Helpful Hint: Want same-style Twin beds but still want to give your kids room to personalize their sleeping space? Try removable vinyl "whiteboard" decals on the headboards and some dry erase markers – no mess, and parents also have a spot to leave encouraging messages or reminder notes. Choosing differently-colored underbed storage bins or sheet sets can also help make each bed visually distinct.

Daybed + Twin Bed

Need to make your room multi-functional? Use storage furniture, such as bookcases, to cordon off a "sleeping" area with a Twin bed, and a "work / entertainment" area with a daybed. This still offers sleeping space for two in the same room, but also makes it easy to study, hang out, or spend quiet time with a favorite book before bedtime.
Helpful Hint: Other "transition decor," such as area rugs, freestanding room divider panels, or even ceiling-suspended curtains can help establish different "zones" of the room, as well. If your floor isn't a good fit for an area rug, innovative decor like carpet tiles can assist with versatile, easy-to-change personalization. Likewise, removable wallpaper can completely change the look of a corner without the need to repaint!

One kid, two kids, three kids, or four: one thing's clear, you need to clear the floor! Twin bunk beds are an ideal solution for maximizing floor space in a shared bedroom. Even if you don't have four little ones to fill the beds, extra bunk space can be used for comfortable sleepovers or toy storage when not in use. For older children, Twin bunk-over-desk designs can offer distinct study and workspace without compromising a comfy place to rest and dream.

Helpful Hint: Before you start shopping for the perfect Twin bunk beds, make sure you measure your ceilings first: you'll want to be sure you have enough clearance. Most bunk beds won't require a box spring under each mattress, but be sure to factor in the height of the mattress in the top bunk as well. If your child is a little young for ladders, some Twin bunk beds incorporate storage steps for an easier climb up and down.

Color Contrast

Prefer to avoid looking too "matchy matchy" with your Twin bedroom? If you like funky, eclectic style or just want a distinct look for each side of the room, color contrast makes a great decor option. Whether you stick with the same design in different hues or go for different beds altogether, be sure to "anchor" each bed with harmonious linens, throw pillows, and decor to make the room look unforgettable. For the best results, even if you're using different colors and finishes, decide on a palette of a few colors and stick with them – using too many at once can overwhelm a space.

Helpful Hint: If you've already found the furniture and Twin beds you'd like in the room, bring a picture with you to the paint store or where you'd like to buy your sheets and blankets. Alternatively, take a picture or keep an existing paint chip sample beside you while you shop for Twin beds; this will help keep your color palette cohesive. Using a "color wheel" to find complementary colors can also help you pull off a beautiful, professional decor look without breaking a sweat.

No matter how you decide to set up your Twin bedroom, make sure it "lives" as well as it looks: situate furniture with an eye towards movement, and always make room for play and relaxation, as much as sleep. A bedroom should always feel like a restful retreat, and with the right beds, furniture, linens, and decor, it quickly becomes a place that's warm, welcoming, and one-of-a-kind.

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