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Eight Bachelor Pad Ideas for a Ruggedly Cool Space

These bachelor pad ideas will take your style to rugged-cool heights and keep your A-game going strong.

1. Earthy Tones + Cooler Neutrals

“Styling a bachelor pad can be tricky because most guys don’t worry about how stylish their place looks – as long as they have their big screen TVs in front of them! To make the space look great and inviting but also effortless, stick with earthy tones such as greens, blues, browns or taupe. The cooler neutrals go with any natural elements like wood, marble, leather. That’ll give the space lots of texture so it’s not so plain.

Men’s Living Room Ideas

Need a bachelor pad living room at the ready? Start by choosing a color palette. Darker is associated with more masculine energy, and lighter, more feminine, but the choice is yours. Try mixing and matching for a balanced feel (dark pillows on a light sofa) or go all out on dark to embrace a more traditional bachelor pad style.

If you’ve brought in your coffee table, side tables and any shelving, you’ll need to fill them. Try sculptures and figurines of contemporary shapes, such as geometric figures, on tabletops. (Planters with succulents, instead of flowers, can also add a solid decorative touch without feeling too much like your grandma’s house.) For shelves, arrange your books, movies, or records/music collection – along with a decorative globe or pottery piece as a bookend.

“To add some color, pick something that’ll stand out; a simple pattern such as a geometric print could be an accent piece in itself. Think of an ottoman, a few pillows, an area rug or even the art on the walls."

                                     Katherine Perez, Living Spaces Visual Stylist

Pro Tip:

"To help save money, make lists. In order to prioritize, you must know what's a must-have – and what’s not.”

Katherine Perez, Living Spaces Visual Stylist

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2. Go Stag

If you just won’t be “fenced in” – prefer to roam freely out on the open range – then your space should show it! Deck out a bachelor pad in country garb (think hide rugs and buffalo art!) for a vibe that’s rugged and masculine – yet still maintains a cohesive style aesthetic. For smaller floor plans, save room by swapping out a traditional coffee table for an ottoman – and match it to a dark leather sofa for handsome elegance.

Men’s Apartment Décor / Men’s Apartment Ideas

It’s easy to feel like you’re running low on bachelor apartment ideas, since apartments are smaller spaces (and the modern bachelor leads a busy life, often without time for dedicating energy to his décor)! For an easy refresh, start with the “softer” things, like pillows, placemats for a kitchen table, a set of hanging towels for a kitchen, new curtains or drapes, blankets, and a small rug (small rugs are great affordable statement pieces that can be layered over your current floors – even if they’re already carpeted or contain a larger rug). Soft items are more affordable; they’re also easier to store since they can be folded, making them easier to swap out for seasonality and make a space feel continuously refreshed.

3. Better in Leather

Not only is leather furniture ridiculously soft and buttery-smooth, it’s always in style! Yet while 100% leather furniture (furniture upholstered entirely in leather) is luxe at its finest, it also comes at a higher price point than regular fabric. To get the same irresistible comfort while sticking to a budget, opt for leather match furniture – or furniture which features real leather only in the places that come into contact with the skin, such as the seat, backrest, armrest and footrest.

4. An Industrial Wall

If you’re the type that would rather not decorate at all (but can appreciate a room that feels put-together), then an accent wall has your name written all over it! For all the style and none of the frills, go with industrial brick – which takes rugged simplicity to the max. (For an extra bit of ruggedness, sand down any layers of paint thoroughly, until you get a distressed finish.)

Bachelor Bedroom Ideas

For a bachelor bedroom, you’ll want a space you feel comfortable in, especially if you live in a shared apartment (and so will be spending most of your time in it.) To up the comfort, add layers – add a throw blanket over a comforter or duvet, add curtains over a pull-down window shade, add a rug over hardwood floors and add pillows over a seat cushion. While they might seem simple and obvious, each of these additions are often overlooked because they seem simple, obvious and not necessary; don’t underestimate them, as they can make a huge impact for a bedroom space.

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5. à la Cart

If you’re the kind of bachelor who’s always the life of the party, then a trusty home bar – and, more importantly, the carefully curated collections you’ve chosen to keep inside it – should never feel out of reach or place. Luckily, with portable designs on wheels, rustic colors and rugged finishes, the latest options for home bars make it easy to keep the party going in style. (To take the “distressed” look a step further, go vintage; mix thrift store finds like a wooden signpost for an old-fashioned way to, ahem, enjoy an old-fashioned!

Pro Tip:

In the words of Katherine, “Even when trying to stick to a budget, it’s important to make an investment on the piece you’ll use the most (for example, the sofa). This will help ensure that it lasts for a long time and you get your money’s worth.”

6. On the Road

While there’s nothing more relaxed and comfortable than a well-put-together bachelor pad, staying indoors for too long can start to take its toll. When the travel bug bites, don’t let it slip away! Stay hungry for adventure with scenic wall art, raw, eclectic and/or industrial materials like iron, wood and rattan – and a motorcycle-black bean bag (to match your favorite jacket!).

7. Wall Art

Wall art isn’t just pretty paintings of flowers-in-vases; it actually encompasses a range of subjects – from music to cars to architecture – in a variety of mediums. If your space is feeling bare, look to the walls. Simply think of your favorite hobby, destination or even animal, and choose a wall art piece to float your boat and make your pad your own.

Bachelor Pad Wall Art Ideas

  • Scenic art: Think photographs of iconic landscapes, such as the Vegas strip, Route 66 stretch, and any national park or nature scene.
  • Hanging jerseys (or other sports merch): Honor a favorite athlete by framing his jersey; this also makes a great conversation starter with guests!
  • Framed concert posters: A sophisticated step up from the dorm room taped-posters-above-the-bed, framing a print of a poster from a concert you loved, with matte and/or glass shield, makes any wall bachelor pad ready.
  • Shadowbox mementos: Got a souvenir from an epic backpacking trip? Whatever your memento you want to show off, a hanging shadowbox is a great channel for it.
  • Automobile art: Images of cars and other automobiles inspires freedom – the road less traveled, and makes the perfect touch to a bachelor space.
  • Animal art: Perfect for the animal lover, wall art featuring forest, jungle and farm animals or other wildlife is a popular trend.
  • A rad paint color: Sometimes, the paint can speak for itself. Choose a shade that matches your attitude; go darker (dark reds, blues, greys) for a more masculine touch.

8. [Convertible] Comfort

Thanks to its customizable configurations, the convertible sofa – a hot trend in living room comfort – will fit right in with any bachelor pad. Many designs feature three-step conversions, making it easy to go from bed to recliner to sofa. Perfect for the bachelor who just wants to sit (or recline, or lie) back and relax!
futon couch

Pro Tip:

To help keep you on budget, Katherine suggests, “selecting pieces you can use for a variety of purposes – such as pillows, ottomans, area rugs, benches and accessories.”

Watch: Creating a Bachelor Pad Space

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