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Three Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas You’ll Wish You Thought of Sooner

In need of small bedroom storage ideas? Upgrade with these designs and get back to feeling organized and refreshed in no time at all. Happy tidying!

1. The Storage Cube

Storage cubes aren’t just chic and sleek – their inner compartments are also incredibly spacious, making them one of the best ways to store all those bulky items you normally wouldn’t know what to do with. While other types of storage furniture such as storage beds and storage benches are designed for dual-purpose (storing plus holding up your mattress and providing a place to sit, respectively), storage cubes are built with one intention: to keep your bedroom accessories organized and off the floor.

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2. The Storage Bed

The storage bed may have been around for a while, but that doesn’t mean we’re any less impressed with this insanely efficient design. From pullout underbed drawers to bookcase headboards, storage beds take the guesswork out of bedroom organization. And the best part about them is that the storage they offer – and they offer a lot – doesn’t take up any more space than a regular bed would. When space is limited and the clutter is real, what more can you ask for?

Beds with shelves are particularly savvy, as they fuse bookcase + bed into one sleek design.

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3. The Storage Ottoman

Whether you’re looking for extra bedroom seating that will work as a storage container or vice versa, you can’t go wrong with the storage ottoman. Simple, sturdy and available in a variety of on-trend designs (we’re currently obsessed with bold leather), storage ottomans will work in any bedroom space – no matter the size, no matter the style. Perfect for stashing cables, chargers, and all the other equipment you technically need (but would rather not have to look at!).

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